For your enjoyment — please comment. These fine videos were made possible by our friends at Wheels Through Time museum (Thanks a million, guys):

Starting a 1915 Harley-Davidson
Dale Walksler of the Wheels Through Time Museum wanted us to post a video of how he starts his 1915 Harley-Davidson.

1955 Panhead plus Sidecar

This is a fine example of a true “barnfind” Harley-Davidson 1955 Panhead with accompanying sidecar.

1949 “Porch” Panhead – Pt. 1

Panhead Sidecar Movie

This extraordinary video series shows a 1949 Panhead left unprotected on a front porch for over 35 years is restarted and tuned to start and run every time. You have got to see this one!!

Pt. 2 – Pt. 3 – Pt. 4

The Cutest Servicar Driver – ever
(A Servicar Roundup)

A beautiful 1940 Indian Four examined

Buzz’s Panhead “crusteration” series: Pt.1

Pt. 2 – Pt. 3 – Pt. 4 –

A Pair of Very Old Indians

A Pair of Very Rare Excelsior Motorcycles

The Early Thor Motorcycle

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Comments on VIDEOS

November 10, 2009

BONES47FL @ 6:32 pm

Great story and video regarding the ’49 Porch Panhead. Beautiful way to preserve Grandpas’s favorite thing and his memory. Got me a little choked up, I gotta admit! Bones…

November 11, 2009

Miller Time @ 1:31 pm

Glad you liked it. I have to thank Dale and Matt and all at WTT for their help with the bike. When I first talked to them i really didn’t know what to expect as far as what could be done with the bike. Now a year later my grandpa’s bike and his memory has been honored in a dvd, a book, and in the video clips on here and the WTT website. Thanks to all. Lee…

December 11, 2009

iowatree @ 5:07 pm

These videos are a great addition to this site. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks iowatree

December 14, 2009

BONES47FL @ 12:26 pm

Well, that ’55 Pan hack rig would be my holy grail. It’s my birthyear. Quick story on ’55 Pans…one of my best friends, who didn’t ride back then, around 1988, ran into an old grandma who had recently lost her husband. She wound up giving him a ’55 Pan hack, original owner. He listed it in the local ads, (didn’t even think of calling me up). Anyways, two guys called, he was asking about 3K for it. They wound up getting into a fistfight over who arrived there first. Hell, I would have paid him 5 grand! jeez…I still bring it up to him from time to time, just to remind him of what he missed out on…Bones

January 3, 2010

tom wroblewskihd1975 @ 6:47 pm

great vids, more please im under 2 ft of snow……