February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day From Classic American Iron

We at Classic American Iron ( wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day. May they all be as you dream them to be.

Ann Margret (who DID ride motorcycles) and a long fork Panhead chopper.


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February 1, 2014

Tennessee State Police Motorcycle “Yellow Jackets” On Harley Panheads!

Originally posted on Riding Vintage.


In the 1950’s, traffic fatalities were on the rise as drag racing became prevalent among teens across the nation.  Many police departments formed special units to help curb this trend and motorcycles were a logical choice for patrolman needing a fast and maneuverable vehicle.  These police squads were often just called Traffic Enforcement or Motorcycle Units, but some cities chose more colorful names, like the Pittsburgh Hot Rod Squad. More on Tennessee State Police Motorcycle “Yellow Jackets” On Harley Panheads!

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January 3, 2014

Selling My 1949 Harley Dual-Carb Panhead Bobber

I’ve had it for more than a decade after building this Harley Panhead bobber from swap meet parts. I’d ridden it a lot years ago, but not so much recently.

1949 custom dual-carb Harley bobber Panhead

So I mentioned on Facebook that I’d consider selling it “for the right price.” This was a first for me, but I had a buyer within a few hours and payment in a few days.

I wish I could keep all my motorcycles, but that’s not realistic. I love classic motorcycles and have to thin the herd occasionally to make room and to pay for the additions to the family. Because I do not ride this Harley Panhead enough to justify keeping it, I am selling it to someone, out West, who I hope will ride it more than I have in the last few years.

Dual-carb Panhead bobber in the snow

Here are a couple of photos of the old Panhead in the snow in front of the American Iron Magazine offices in Connecticut. The truck is waiting off-camera to take it to the new owner. The way I see it, my selling this Panhead  gives my some space in the garage and cash to do other classic motorcycle projects. And I know there will always be others I want to build, own and ride.

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