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March 23, 2010

1936 Harley EL Knucklehead Brief History

Great article on the 1936 Harley EL on Sex and Harleys site with photos of our own Matt Olsen’s bike and a mention of our own Sarge Lyons too!

1936 Harley EL - First year Knucklehead motorcycle

Here is one of the photos from the article. The link to read this interesting article and see the photos of Matt Olsen’s bike as well as the factory Joe Petrali racer Knucklehead, is

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February 25, 2010

Matt Olsen’s Vintage Motorcycle Cannonball Sears Restoration Blog

Just visited one very cool blog that I’d like to recommend to classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

Matt Olsen is rebuilding (or building, depending on your perspective) an early teens Spaeke powered Sears V-twin motorcycle for the Motorcycle Cannonball and he is following the process step-by-beautiful-step on his blog. Visit to follow his progress.

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January 12, 2010

AMCA Youth Contest Winner Ryan Checks Out His New Harley WL Project!


AMCA Youth Winner & Classic 1942 Harley WLA

Here is a pic of Ryan Mackey, the winner of the AMCA Youth Program Contest and his 1942 WLA classic Harley.  Ryan and I have been working like slaves for the last month to get his bike as far along as possible.  We have made a lot of good progress during our time. After he goes home, Ryan will start on the paint job with Larry Medwig.

In March, Ryan plans on going to Wheels Through Time to work with Dale and Matt on his transmission and some other neat projects.   This bike is entirely made up of donated parts from Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) members from all over the world.   If you would like to see some of the different things that Ryan and I have been up to, please go to and check out parking lot chatter!   Thanks and have a nice day.

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