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December 14, 2009

“Mr. Big’s Big Old Harley Adventure” Part Two

“Old Red” survived her nine day journey from Massachusetts to her new home in Texas and arrived last Wednesday. A buddy of mine was with me for the meet and greet as they unloaded her off the truck and we rolled her up the driveway.

As I looked the bike over, I started thinking about why we are so drawn to these old motorcycles, or anything vintage for that matter. I think, at least for my generation, it’s that need to reconnect with times that were so much simpler.

"Old Red" arrives in Texas

"Old Red" arrives in Texas

Anyway, I thought she was perfect. Almost 70 years old and still ticking. At least I hoped she was. When I start my newer Harley Electra-Glide, I just push a button and off I go and the thought of not starting doesn’t even enter my mind. With this old girl, now it’s a More on “Mr. Big’s Big Old Harley Adventure” Part Two

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November 13, 2009

Cannonball Motorcycle Diaries – Getting Into Older Classic Harleys

After the huge disappointment of not buying the 1913 Harley twin at the car auction in Hershey, PA I had to wonder where I’d be able to find a solid old motorcycle from before 1916 that I could afford and count on to ride clear across the US next summer.

I’ve been fooling around with old motorcycles for years and have slowly worked my way back in years. My first classic Harley was a last-year and rare factory handshift 1978 Shovelhead ex-police bike. Having ridden more modern motorcycles since the mid 1970s, that old Harley’s foot clutch and hand shifter took some getting used to when I bought it in 1990. From the handshift 1978 Shovelhead I worked my way back with a civilianized WLA (both long ago sold) and then the 1947 Harley Knucklehead I bought from a friend in Sturgis is 1994 or ’95  (I think) that I still have today.

My 1948 Harley Panhead in Milwaukee

My 1948 Harley Panhead in Milwaukee

Over the years I found I was most comfortable on Harley & Indian motorcycles from the 1950s and ’40s as they offered a great More on Cannonball Motorcycle Diaries – Getting Into Older Classic Harleys

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January 15, 2009

Motorcycle AMCA Youth Program Harley Giveaway

Harley WLA Parts Bike

Win Harley Parts Bike Like This (but not this one)

Hi everybody. It has been freezing cold up here in South Dakota, sub zero temps, ice, and a lot of snow.  This may sound stange to some of you, but I actually like this weather, and consider it a vital part of my work schedule.  If I lived in a tropical place like California, or any place down south that lacks snow, I probably wouldn’t get any work done on the classic motorcycle restoration, because I would be out enjoying them, doing the minimul amount of maintanance to keep the wheels rolling on the road.   The reason that I bring this up, is because I feel a little bit guilty about not writing here more often.   I will try to pry myself away from the shop to post something fun on here on a more frequent basis.

The main reason that I wanted to do a post tonight, was to show you guys one of the parts that I just got in for the Harley motorcycle giveaway contest that I have been working on in a Harley magazine and here.  It is a set of NOS Harley front and rear springer fork legs.  They were donated by my good friend John Lindeman from Golden Valley, North Dakota.  There are a couple of neat things that I noticed about this front end,  the first was that the wires that held More on Motorcycle AMCA Youth Program Harley Giveaway

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