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February 28, 2010

“Mr Big’s Big Vintage Harley Adventure – Update”

My apologies to my legions of fans out there, but I’ve been remiss in updating my vintage motorcycle blog and it’s time to correct that. In my last entry, I detailed my ability to crash unceremoniously in my driveway. Undeterred, I have been back in the saddle a few times since to better acquaint myself with the old girl.

1947 Harley "45" Sales Brochure

1947 Harley "45" Sales Brochure

I must admit that I haven’t felt quite ready to get out into real traffic yet. Understand that I live in a suburb of Houston and the traffic, even just outside my neighborhood, is quite demanding. Even on a modern bike, you better More on “Mr Big’s Big Vintage Harley Adventure – Update”

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December 21, 2009

1915 Harley History – A “Modern” Harley Motorcycle

1915 was a major year for Harley when it comes to the advances the company made with new motorcycles.

The highly improved 61 cubic inch Model J V-twin engine received a number of redesigns including a three-speed sliding gear transmission with final and primary drive on the same side, a vertical clutch arm in the three-speed transmission models, an all-steel muffler with country cut out, a shifter gate mounted to the gas tank, a motor-driven oil pump with  sight glass, an oil tank next to the gas tanks and more. This new engine produced an impressive 11 horsepower.

Close up of very shiny 1915 Harley V-twin engine

Close up of very shiny 1915 Harley V-twin engine. Notice the first year oil pump and sight glass.

In addition to the assortment of street models, Harley also now produced a number of “Specialty Model” motorcycles as More on 1915 Harley History – A “Modern” Harley Motorcycle

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April 23, 2009

Hollywood Actor Johhny Depp On Handshift Classic Harley!

Movie Star Johnny Depp on Antique Harley Flathead Motorcycle

Johnny Depp on Classic Harley Flathead Motorcycle With Vintage Sidecar

Unbelievable! So often we see the movie stars out and about on a new motorcycle or custom Harley chopper or over the top radical ride posing for whoever cares. It’s refreshing to see one actually riding a real vintage Harley. And a handshift Harley sidecar no less.

Handshift old Harley flathead and sidecar with actor Johnny Depp

Handshift old Harley flathead and vintage sidecar ridden by Johnny Depp

Here are some photos of Johnny Depp and his co-star Michael Rispoli on set of their latest film The Rum Diary today. Depp seems to be comfortable riding the bike and Rispoli looks very comfortable in the old sidecar with Depp at the handlbars.

The duo rode around San Juan, Puerto Rico on this vintage handshift flathead Harley and sidecar.

Other than a handfull of genuine enthusiasts like actor Perry King we have to wonder how many Hallywood stars know how to or really care about old motorcycles or vintage Harley rigs?

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