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September 23, 2011

Dirt In My Dirt Traps Antique Motorcycle Gas Filter 1915 Harley

I should have thought about it. I should have checked them after the Motorcycle Cannonball. But I didn’t.

After building and riding Selma, my 1915 Harley-Davidson twin most of the way across America last year on the Motorcycle Cannonball I pretty much trashed my engine. It sat for well over 6 months before we rebuilt and reinstalled it down at Wheels Through Time museum a couple of months ago.

Since then I have ridden it only two or three times. The first time was around Maggie Valley before we left Wheels Through Time. The next time was in the Mountainfest Vintage Grand Prix race in Morgantown, WV (where it gave the impression it ran out of gas with full tanks).

1915 Harley At Speed (relatively) At Mountainfest Grand Prix Races

And then last week on the Tour d’Autism as a charity fund raiser in the Fairfield County Concours. It continued to More on Dirt In My Dirt Traps Antique Motorcycle Gas Filter 1915 Harley

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August 4, 2011

Classic Harley Indian Motorcycle War – Vintage Grand Prix Race 2011

Every year, during the Mountainfest motorcycle event, several of the streets in downtown Morgantown, WV are closed down for a few hours to create a Grand Prix track for classic motorcycles. The classes are generally by engine displacement up to 500cc, and none of them can be liquid cooled or have disc brakes. There are also classes for scooters, sidecars, hand shifters and there is a “Cannonball” class for pre-1916 motorycles.

This year the Cannonball class had three antique motorcycles entered, a pair of 1915 Indians and one 1915 Harley-Davidson. One of the Indians and the Harley were legit Motorcycle Cannonball motorcycles that crossed the US with 43 other pre-1916 motorcycles. The Indian was ridden by Jim Petty and the Harley by me (Buzz Kanter) in the photo shown below.

Motorcycle Cannonballers Buzz Kanter on the 1915 Harley, Jim Petty on the 1915 Indian at the start of the Vintage Grand Prix motorcycle race

Many of the spectators at this event might have though the three riders were going to cruise around the roughly 1/2 mile track on this antique motorcycles. Boy were they surprised when all three riders cranked it up and put on quite a show throwing these More on Classic Harley Indian Motorcycle War – Vintage Grand Prix Race 2011

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February 1, 2011

1915 Harley Registered as 2015 At DMV

Last year I legally insured, registered and put my 1915 Harley on the road so I could ride coast to coast on the Motorcycle Cannonball.

1915 NOT a 2015 Harley

As part of the process I had to have the motorcycle inspected with special attention to the engine VIN which the Connecticut DMV inspector studied and took notes. The bike was legal, I had all the correct paperwork, forms and insurance card. So he passed it and issued me with a legal registration and license plate.

Now, several months later I get a notice from my town hall where I live referring to my 2015 Harley-Davidson I registered with Connecticut DMV last year. I called them up and said there must be a mistake. It is a 1915 Harley, NOT a 2015 one, which, I pointed out I couldn’t have for at least another 3 or 4 years.

My town hall people apologized and corrected their records and explained this is a problem with the DMV and this is not the first time something like this has happened.

So now I have to take it up with the Connecticut DMV – not an organization known for speed of action OR for admitting mistakes. Hope to start the process next week and have no idea how long this might take to get it corrected. Oh, and did I mention Connecticut charges property taxes on all registered vehicles? The good news is anything this old they cut us a massive brake on the taxes, but not on a 2015 model I’ll bet.

Wish me luck.

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