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February 9, 2020

2020 Las Vegas Classic Motorcycle Auction

Rare Motorcycle Racers and Street Bikes Too

A quick walk through some of the classic and antique motorcycles offered at the 2020 Bonhams Motorcycle Auction.

Many motorcycle racers, ranging from 1915 Harley Sons of Speed boardtracker to ultra-rare 1948 Indian Big Base Scout rcaer, 1950s Harley WRTT and a 1960s Zanzani Motobi GP 250 racer and more.

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November 23, 2011

Motorcycle Barn Find – Complete Classic Harley 1915 Engine

Keep looking in those barns, basements and on-line. There are old motorcycles and parts still out there to be found.

What's in the box? A barn find classic Harley engine.

Don’t you just love when cool old motorcycle parts show up well packed in strong wooden boxes?

Original 1915 Harley V-twin engine

A lot of people think there are not more barn find classic motorcycles to be found. And that’s fine for them but I continue to More on Motorcycle Barn Find – Complete Classic Harley 1915 Engine

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October 26, 2011

Motorcycle Cannonball 2012 Update: New Vintage Harley and Same Rider Number

I just got off the phone with Motorcycle Cannonball promoter Lonnie Isam, Jr and confirmed that I will retain Rider Number 15 that I had in the first Motorcycle Cannonball in 2010. I picked that number because I was riding Selma, my 1915 Harley on that cross-country ride, which was open to 1915 and older motorcycles.

Left to right, Dave Fusiak, Fred Lange and Buzz Kanter all on 1915 Harleys on the first Motorcycle Cannonball ride in 2010

Selma treated me better than I treated her and she carried me safe and sound most of the way across the United States with a perfect score. Most of the way from North Carolina into and through Texas before having to deal with mechanical issues. There we tore down and rebuild the top end and we replaced a few magnetos along the way.

After a good rest we (Dale and Matt Walksler, Jim Sims and I) rebuilt Selma (again) and she is back on the road running even stronger than before.

Lonnie announced the second Motorcycle Cannonball recently and I have signed up for it. This one will run from Newburgh, NY to San Francisco, CA and it open to 1929 and newer motorcycles. I signed up and am pleased to get my Rider Number 15 again.

My 1926 Harley J as purchased. I need to totally rebuild it before riding it across the US in 2012.

This time I will be riding a 1926 Harley J motorcycle for Team American Iron, which I  plan on rebuilding over the winter. I will follow my progress on line and in print in American Iron Magazine as I did last year. My goal is to have at least a thousand miles on the rebuilt old Harley long before we gather in Newburgh for the next ride of a lifetime.  So I know I am going to be busy with this classic Harley over the winter. The good news is it already has a front brakes (Harley didn’t offer front brakes until 1928) and newer style wheel rims for modern tires. Wish me luck!

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