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February 21, 2018

How to correct a machining error in oem Harley Davidson head bolt thread drill too deep

Hi to all

Sometimes manufacturers make maching mistakes and it take a while sometimes to found the issue,and many often left facory like that and sometimes even worst,quality control was almost non existent in the past,often today .

Here it is ,you can barely see a black spot in the bottom of the thread(holes going throught drain hole cavity),the hole was drill too deep from factory and oil coming to drain to the bottom of the cylinders was sligthly leaking the head bolt thread all the way to head gasket,and into combustion chamber,so this is what I did to correct the problem.


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February 7, 2018

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January 17, 2018

Tappet rollers from China? They are junk

Hi to all

For those who are following my new thread about the S&S case not perpendicular to main axis

I found bunch of stuff wrong in this engine and one of them is the tappet rollers taht were installed 2500 miles ago by my friend ,he give me the ok to change anything that I could suspect was wrong,

He was much afraid of the tappet rollers bearings at first and sure I will take care of the rollers bearing (he did loose a bearing rollers and that made a huge mess inside the engine on a friend’s bike)

so here is the pictures of the unit and the new bearings.



time to take of the old bearings by drilling the pins out


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