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November 27, 2009

Unclepsycho’s ’72 Harley Shovelhead, Part 1

Right after I got the old Harley Shovelhead, I spent a lot of time inspecting everything on the bike. I had decided that if the bike was ‘close to stock’ then I would do a restoration back to stock. If it was not close, then I would build a Custom.

Well, I found out that the VIN shows the bike to be an FX, but as you can see it is all dressed up as an FLH. Then I found the shocks to be from pre-66, the front end is not right and is 4″ over stock in length. The swing arm had been welded by a previous owner to repair a crack.

So I decided to do a Custom build. The stock Harley frame seems unmolested, not counting the swing arm, so I will NOT do any cutting or shaving of the frame.


Test fitting flat fenders on the old Harley

As you can see, I found some flat top fenders, and am gonna go with that look. After I trim them a bit.

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Unclepsycho’s 1972 Harley Shovelhead Project

I thought I would join the world of ‘Blogging’ and attempt to do a running diary of what I am doing with the 1972 Harley Shovelhead I bought from Buzz this summer (2009).

My Old Harley Shovelhead Project As Purchased

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