February 23, 2012

Quick & Easy 6-Volt Classic Motorcycle Battery Improvement

One of the problems with not being able to ride my motorcycles a lot in the New England winter season is that the batteries do not get a good work out or charge often enough. The typical classic 6-volt motorcycle battery is small and often covered or inside a battery box on these old motorcycles, so some are easy to hook up to a smart charger, and others are not.

I have been using Battery Tender smart chargers for years. And I like the fact that they use different shape bullet connectors for 6-volt and for 12-volt chargers so we do not fry a 6 volt battery with a 12-volt charger by mistake. I recently contacted Battery Tender and ordered a few spare 6-volt connectors that I can attache to the battery terminals so I do not need to use alligator clips.


6-volt Battery Tender motorcycle charger


The install was easier to do and quicker than typing up this description. The entire process, including routing the wires and taping them to the rear crashbar on my old Harley with black electrical tape took about five minutes and looks all but invisible. Now all I have to do is plug the end of the wires from the Battery Tender smart charger in and check the charge state the next day. Usually it is fine in one overnight charger a month. Thanks Battery Tender – great product.

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December 20, 2011

Is This An Antique Harley Handlebar Accessory?

I recently picked up an interesting old motorcycle item that I was told was an original Harley-Davidson accessory perhaps from the teens or 1920s. It appears to be some form of accessory handlebar brace made out of a very light material – perhaps aluminium.

A 1920s Era Classic Harley Accessory?

I was told it originally had an eagle or something like that mounted in the middle, but it must have broken off some time ago and someone added an old motorcycle lamp on it instead.

Antique Motorcycle Accessory or Something Else?

 There are holes on either end of the bar I guess for attaching to the handlebars with U clamps.

I know the old motorcycle headlight was not originally attached to this. Can anyone help me with identifying this item and tell me the year and manufacturer?

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December 18, 2011

Fake Scam! Classic Harley-Davison Fire Extinguishers On Ebay

We found this interesting blog post about fake classic Harley-Davidson fire extinguishers that are being sold for big bucks on ebay. The post was on the blog and felt it was worth sharing. Reposted with their encouragement. 

Have you seen this scam on ebay?  There’s about 3 guys currently selling vintage “official Harley-Davidson” fire extinguishers. These extinguishers were made by Presto back in the day and were in cars as well as on motorcycles.
It’s like going into your local H-D dealership today and buying something out of the Drag Specialties catalog. Harley NEVER had a “Fire Extinguisher” sticker on it. As a matter of fact, we contacted the guy and he makes them himself. He fabricated the sticker using the vintage Harley patent sticker as a guide.This Fire Extinguisher which our seller claims as an “Official HARLEY-DAVIDSON” fire extinguisher – recently sold for $154.50!!!!!
click here for link
Here’s more that he’s sold for over a hundred bucks (link)
WHY PEOPLE????!!!!
Search out “Presto fire extinguisher” on Ebay and you’ll discover they are More on Fake Scam! Classic Harley-Davison Fire Extinguishers On Ebay

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