Classic Harley History

February 9, 2019

Land Speed Racer Harley Knucklehead Motorcycle

Here is a crazy mix and match Harley Land Speed Racer. Harley Knucklehead engine in a single down tube VL frame. Split Sportster gas tanks, total loss battery in the tool box.

Modern Harley Springer front end, rigid rear frame and wide car wheel. And check out that creative handlebar set up!  This bike has made a number of passes on the Maxton Mile race course.

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October 10, 2018

Original Paint, Correct 1918 Harley Classic Motorcycle

Here is the most popular video on my Buzz Kanter Youtube channel (free to subscribe).

Rare machine to find in this condition. Hope you enjoy the walk around.

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May 23, 2017

Rare Factory Correct Tankshift 1965 Panhead Electra Glide

OK, here is a photo of my next project bike in basic “as bought” condition. I plan to use this rare ex-police 1965 Harley Panhead – rare because it came from the factory with 3 1/2 gallon tanks and handshifter set up.

Rare 1965 Harley Panhead Tank-Shifter

This was the last year for actual tankshifters, as the 1966 Shovelhead came with the handshifter mounted on the down tubes. This one has been repainted a few times and has had some parts swapped out since it came off service as a police motorcycle.

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