November 3, 2018

Shovelhead frame repair in the top neck bearing area

The bearing race was way too loose on the top of the 1980 frame for an unknown reason, and it need to be repair, so my friend ask me to take care of it for him, he heard that I have done something similar in the past,here is some pics of the steps I have taken .

So I pull out a special tool I did years ago to correct a similar problem on a Evo frame, did a few modification to adapt to the shovelhead frame, the goal here was to machine the top portion in perfect line to bottom bearing axis with a guide in the bottom bore and add a bushing flush to bottom of top bearing area ,the boring bar will have a better stability and the bore would be possible

First cut with the tool

First roughing cut is done

For those who are wondering how the cut is taken here is my manual feed in really fine special thread



Take a few more cuts, then I did a step cut on top to achieve a wider spread area for the bushing to be support without moving

Time to do a bushing to complete the job

I did make sure the inner diameter of the bushing will just slide on the bearing support

The bearing support slide into the new bushing, but the new bushing is .002 over on both shoulder and is also longer, I will only take a cut on the face to blend the bushing with the top of the frame

Time to heat the top portion to make it expand to slide the new bushing in,

Bushing is now in place ,time to resurface after the cooling

I made this very tight clearance shaft to make sure the top and bottom did align after all was done

Fit as it is supposed to be

Hope you have enjoy this special repair, saddlebagrail

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