May 4, 2018

Broken primary lips repair on a Evolution

Hi to all


I got this case to do a big bore strocker kit with,blast both case have the lips that was broken build up ,now ready to do the repair,here with pictures how I did this.

Here is the set up I use,a 2 1/2 shaft machine down to have the sprocket side bore snug fit on shaft


last cut ,then a light sand paer with a very very light taper to help the case in

I then use a large pipe live center to make sure the case does not move


machining started

roughing is all done now time to finish

time to check the face where the inner primary bolt on ,a difference of .001 inch ,I am going to touch the face as I resurface to the corner then use a HSS ground to the o-ring radius ,I will then use a boring bar to take care of the inner stator area


glass bead blast and paint with VHT cast aluminum high heat paint


closer look of the repaired area

hope you have enjoy this repaired,saddlebagrail

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