January 17, 2018

Tappet rollers from China? They are junk

Hi to all

For those who are following my new thread about the S&S case not perpendicular to main axis

I found bunch of stuff wrong in this engine and one of them is the tappet rollers taht were installed 2500 miles ago by my friend ,he give me the ok to change anything that I could suspect was wrong,

He was much afraid of the tappet rollers bearings at first and sure I will take care of the rollers bearing (he did loose a bearing rollers and that made a huge mess inside the engine on a friend’s bike)

so here is the pictures of the unit and the new bearings.



time to take of the old bearings by drilling the pins out



surprise there are no inner race like the oem or other quality bearings,and the pin is bigger…but wait





and talking about the pins here is what I found…one side of pin



the other side of pin



and keep in mind those tappet rollers have 2500 miles on them,the pins is so soft that I could drill the end with a hss regular drill bit




rollers size are different also,from the China made now (but use to be made in the USA by Tom), turning on a soft shaft


from oem replacement,turning on a hardened inner race





Since the tappet roller pins are bigger on the Sifton,there was no way to reuse them with oem replacement bearing,so I supply my friend with oem tappet rollers and oem lifters(and chan ge all bearings with new ones…(lifters from China from uncle are also «JUNK» they cannot build pressure when install together the inner parts goes in to the bottom without any restrictions .


one other thing ,the Sifton tappet rollers in the China tappet block were to much clearance from start,so I use old chrome oem block I had that were far better that the one he was using,

later flat seat screw tappet block



oem Panhead countersunk chrome tappet block


Took off the old bearings that was still in good shape and ready to install the new bearing in oem tappet rollers






countersunk custom made SS washers made to run those Panhead block



those little chrome screws were change for 1/4-20 socket head stainless cap screws at the end ,I prefer socket head over those flimsy srews





old OEM chrome were covered with chrome cover after









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