March 2, 2016

Fly Cut Thor, large fly cutter,the new tool design,time and money saving ,best of both world

Hi to all

You are the among the very first to see those videos and images,completely non-bike related this time ,a change from those who read my tech threads this is something non related to bike,this is mostly for those who work in or around a machine shop or interested in metal removal at it’s best, or basement machinist trying to keep the cost down,to all hope you will enjoy.


I have been working on this for years, too long to tell,never had time and everything seem to get in my way,but now it is finally time to get them out so everyone could benefit from this new tool design .

Just click on each small pictures to get to my Photobucket video link to see the tool in action,first one is roughing a 6061 aluminum plate and second one is finishing cut.

In the previous video the milling ,and old Mazak is turning at 1500 RPM cutting a dimension of over 11 inches with a depth of cut of 3/8 inch ,feed rate of 7.5 inch per minutes, I did try 3000 RPM machine still very smooth,reduce to 1500 to take the cut ,the faster the machine the less stronger it is,I also had to slow the feed rate from 15 inch minutes to 7.5 inch minutes cause the 7.5 HP just stall in the middle of the cut with a 15 inch feed rate,the tool was not affected.
This single point Fly Cut Thor ,is a new tool design ,it is balance by the design and could achieve quite high RPM much more than it is necessary to cut any material,problem is the machine need to be rigid and powerful,the tool itself it very rugged and is not affect too much,hope you have enjoy those videos and pictures,I have them for sale if you are interested,thanks.
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