June 5, 2014

How To Recondition Classic Harley FLH Hydra Glide Forks

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I will show you how I take care of old FL tube inner bushing repair, most of those early set are all worn out and need to be redone to be run again, most would just buy new aftermarket cheaper one than try to recondition the old one you have, the purpose of this thread is to show you that it is feasible with some tooling. I am going to demonstrate how to take those old bushings out first then, make complete new bushing from raw material, then press them in, and machine the new bushings to fit new inner tube.

Most would either junk them or rebuild them with aftermarket thin bushings and a Sunnen hone here is another approach to the problem.

I will try to post as many pics as I could so you could clearly see how it is done,here is a bunch of them I had ,decide to rebuild all but only finish 2 of them, due to inner tube size difference,(one was 1.623 and the other was 1.624 inch not as big difference but still my old one was 1.626 inch) so better wait until you have the inner tube, so could have perfect clearance for your new bushings.

 photo DSC09834_zps0edf30ea.jpg

First you will need to take the old bushings out…my custom puller to take the bottom and top bushing out.

 photo DSC09037_zps0dc7134e.jpg

Here how it is working, first tested on an aluminum shaft with a hole to simulate the inner tube bushing, then tested in the bottom tube itself.

 photo DSC09594_zps03d8e04b.jpg

My very first attempt ,pull a few bushings out with it, but then it break,I  change to a different  material to 4340 heat treated stress relief and the next one was up to the task.

 photo DSC09587_zps3871eeea.jpg

 photo DSC09592_zpsbf493e59.jpg

 photo DSC09599_zpse184ebc1.jpg

Here it is installed ready to take the deeper bushing out.

 photo DSC09510_zps9a2b6461.jpg

outer sleeve with a small trust bearing at the end

 photo DSC09511_zps19431424.jpg

Install with a knock out puller handle, with stopper at the end.

 photo DSC09513_zpsff7f6122.jpg

The deepest bushing is out.

 photo DSC09517_zpsffe5202a.jpg

I found out that using a small propane torch help a lot to take the deeper bushing out.

 photo DSC09516_zps477fb46a.jpg

 photo DSC09602_zps3b09c8ce.jpg

When both bushings were out, time to do some new ones with 660 SAE bronze,I don’t like using those available, due to minimal material left for machining I always prefer to do my own from raw material and then machine ate final size at the end.

 photo DSC05301_zps61b56061.jpg

You can see the difference in thickness,when they are ready to be press in,still some material left to machine to achieve final size after they are press in.

 photo DSC09521_zps5e832404.jpg

Now time to press them in,using a special shaft made from an aluminum blank, see the groove this is where I need to stop, flush to outside of tube.

 photo DSC09532_zpsbeaa8d67.jpg

Using the press was an easy task to press them in ,special shaft was machine to support the bottom of the tube and is supported by 2 v-block on each side.

 photo DSC09675_zps61dff92f.jpg

 photo DSC09674_zpsc11991ff.jpg

 photo DSC09673_zpsd9c3e8e3.jpg

When they are all press in ,I need to take care of the final machining, here is what I use to secure the tube on the lathe, you can see the step shaft machine to same id of the end of bottom tube with a hole going true, half moon aluminum was made from blank to start with.

 photo DSC09772_zps031cfc74.jpg

 photo DSC04219_zpse8de704e.jpg

 photo DSC04218_zps645b1c1f.jpg

Here is the assembly for the final machining,secure with 2 Allen cap screws and then together with a studs with aluminum step washers.

 photo DSC09775_zps5df9bfbb.jpg

 photo DSC09770_zpsfb261fce.jpg

 photo DSC09778_zpseed72527.jpg

this is my drive to make it turn concentric with center of the lathe.

 photo DSC09780_zps300a93a8.jpg

First one was quite round in the seal area, but second one due to chrome thickness being different,I had to take a light cut with a pipe center to make sure everything was turning with seal id.

 photo DSC09809_zps2b285400.jpg

 photo DSC09812_zps488a9f69.jpg

Then I change my cast steady rest button, to Blue Tyvar one’s smoother and very hard to wear. Don’t forget the oïl to lubricate.

 photo DSC09814_zpsb8322089.jpg

 photo DSC09819_zpsaa07729e.jpg

 photo DSC09820_zps2a5b11a5.jpg

I prefer to use HSS sharp cutter than carbide mostly to avoid vibration, lathe is set at 90 rpm and everything is excellent.

 photo DSC09822_zps72166bf9.jpg

 photo DSC09787_zps821a1377.jpg

 photo DSC09788_zps52244429.jpg

First roughing cut, 2 cuts were taken to achieve final result.

 photo DSC09794_zps44d19f3b.jpg

 photo DSC09709_zpsa5eb2f2f.jpg

Last cut, stop to check measurement to make sure I will have the correct clearance for my inner tube, both inner tube have a .001 difference so you’d better wait to have inner tube to finish inner size.

 photo DSC09799_zps39c0fc3b.jpg

 photo DSC09795_zpscc8a7868.jpg


 photo DSC09803_zps886dfa9d.jpg

Final cut, time to try the new inner tube…perfect fit at the end ,:)

 photo DSC09830_zps0412c299.jpg

Hope you have enjoy this thread ,thanks Saddlebagrail


















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June 6, 2014

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