January 3, 2014

Selling My 1949 Harley Dual-Carb Panhead Bobber

I’ve had it for more than a decade after building this Harley Panhead bobber from swap meet parts. I’d ridden it a lot years ago, but not so much recently.

1949 custom dual-carb Harley bobber Panhead

So I mentioned on Facebook that I’d consider selling it “for the right price.” This was a first for me, but I had a buyer within a few hours and payment in a few days.

I wish I could keep all my motorcycles, but that’s not realistic. I love classic motorcycles and have to thin the herd occasionally to make room and to pay for the additions to the family. Because I do not ride this Harley Panhead enough to justify keeping it, I am selling it to someone, out West, who I hope will ride it more than I have in the last few years.

Dual-carb Panhead bobber in the snow

Here are a couple of photos of the old Panhead in the snow in front of the American Iron Magazine offices in Connecticut. The truck is waiting off-camera to take it to the new owner. The way I see it, my selling this Panhead  gives my some space in the garage and cash to do other classic motorcycle projects. And I know there will always be others I want to build, own and ride.

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