July 16, 2013

New Sealed 6-Volt Battery In Classic 1948 Harley Panhead

Are you tired of the old style wet cell batteries that came standard in classic Harleys? Me too. Enough with checking fluid levels and topping off. Enough with the corrosion on the battery terminals and wires. Me too. I figured it was time to try a little bit of higher tech ans try out this sealed battery in my classic Harley. I first heard of this particular deal on the www.caimag.com forum.

I still have a little over two months to get this bike back on the road in time to lead the American Iron Magazine Honor Ride, sponsored by GEICO, to Milwaukee for Harley’s 110th anniversary. As I continue to make progress on my 1948 Harley Panhead I have updated the old wet cell battery with this high tech version. The design mounts a sealed 6-volt battery inside a plastic case made to look exactly, from the outside, like a genuine Harley battery. It comes internally pre-wired and even has an in-line fuse tucked away inside. Nice!

High tech sealed 6-volt battery for classic Harley big twins.

This is a well designed and manufactured item that I look forward to testing in the next year. Once it is installed, which takes literally a minute or two, it would be very difficult to recognize it as anything other than an original and correct classic Harley battery.

Hard to tell this is not an original OEM Harley battery in this classic Panhead

All I have to do now it drop on the battery box cover, line up the battery box posts and tighten down the two wing nuts. Even attaching a battery charger is easy thanks to the easy access terminal posts.

If this set up works as well as I am told it does I expect I will be replacing the batteries in each of my 6-volt classic Harley Big Twin motorcycles as the old wet cell ones die.

I purchased this complete set-up ready to drop in and go, for Erdos on the www.caimag.com forum.

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