August 13, 2012

Ray Price Harley-Davidson 30th Anniversary Celebration

Ray Price Harley-Davidson

Ray Price Harley-Davidson

To commemorate 30 years of selling Harley-Davidson motorcycles, drag racing legend Ray Price opened the doors to his dealership for an anniversary celebration on Saturday, August 11th.  Even with the questionable weather, I decided it would be worth the trip to Raleigh, NC to take  part in the event.  I stayed ahead of the rain until I rolled off the highway on my ’64 Duo-Glide and headed into town. Then it started coming down in big heavy drops.  Easing my way into the parking lot, I saw that quite a few people had let the weatherman convince them to leave their bikes at home.  That was ok with me, because there was plenty of parking available right out front.


My Duo-Glide parked right in front of the dealership

First on the agenda was finding something to eat and when I spotted a hot dog cart selling 1/4 lbs hot dogs, I knew I was in the right place.  After grabbing a loaded hot dog, I hit the Cheerwine tent for a free Cheerwine soda and walked back to the bike.  Turns out I was right on time to watch the Ray’s race team crank up his top fuel Harley drag bike.  Just running at idle, you could feel the engine vibrating in your chest, but when they cracked the throttle, it felt like your ears were going explode.

Ray Price Race Team

Ray Price race team and drag bike

As I waited for my ears to stop ringing, I took a lap around the parking lot in search of some other vintage bikes.  About the closest thing to a vintage bike were a couple of Evos from the 90’s, but I did run across a rig that really stood out.  It was made up of a late model Jeep Wrangler that was modified for serious offroading.  Towed behind the Jeep was a trailer which held a Triumph Tiger motorcycle and if that was not enough, there was a platform built over the motorcycle which had a tent pitched on it.  I guess they must be worried about lions getting them in their sleep.

Jeep and Triumph Tiger

Specialized offroad rig

No trip to Ray Price HD is complete without meeting the man himself, so I headed into the dealership to find Ray.  I spotted him right away standing up front shaking hands and signing autographs.  Grabbing a photo of his race bike I got in line and walked out with an autograph and a photograph of us together.

Panhead Jim shaking Ray Price's hand

Panhead Jim meets Ray Price

As I headed back to my bike, I finally found another vintage bike.  Parked right next to my bike was a 1958 Duo-Glide.  The 1958 model was the first year of the Duo-Glide and my 1964 model was the last year of the Duo-Glide.  I had actually already started my bike and was getting ready to pull out when I looked over and saw it.  Needless to say, I turned off my bike and grabbed my camera to take a few pics.


1958 Duo-glide parked next to a 1964 Duo-glide



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