November 23, 2011

Motorcycle Barn Find – Complete Classic Harley 1915 Engine

Keep looking in those barns, basements and on-line. There are old motorcycles and parts still out there to be found.

What's in the box? A barn find classic Harley engine.

Don’t you just love when cool old motorcycle parts show up well packed in strong wooden boxes?

Original 1915 Harley V-twin engine

A lot of people think there are not more barn find classic motorcycles to be found. And that’s fine for them but I continue to look and occasionally uncover some classic motorcycle jewels like this very original and complete 1915 Harley-Davidson K model V-twin engine, complete with original Bosch magneto, Schebler carb and manifold.

Classic Harley 1915 V-Twin that has been sitting for decades

The engine is complete but the original 1915 Harley pistons have been taken out and  the seller reports some cylinder wall damage due to a loose wristpin. We’ll see once I open it up and see what we have here.

The seller, who has had the engine on display in his home for over 20 years as “mechanical art” decided to sell it as he needed the cash. He offered it on line and did not get what he though it was worth. I was able to strike a deal with him and had it in my possession in a week or so. While I do not have specific plans for this engine beyond pulling it down and rebuilding it, I do feel good that I now has a complete spare engine for Selma, my 1915 Harley-Davidson I rode across the US last year on the Motorcycle Cannonball.

As much as I’d love to, I can’t start work on this engine until I finish a few other, higher priorities. I have to stay focues on building, rebuilding and fully prepping my 1926 Harley J I plan on riding in next year’s Motorcycle Cannonball. After that I look forweard to diving into this one. And to answer anyone on why I bought this 1915 engine, my reply is a) it was a screaming good deal, and b) if I only bought very old bikes and parts only when I needed them I probably wouldn’t be able to find them. In cases like 1915 Harley parts, you buy them when you find them if the prices are reasonable.

So keep looking in those old barns, basements and tag sales, because I sure will.

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