September 29, 2011

VINTAGE HARLEY TECH: Cleaning Linkert Carburetor Gas Filter

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to buy a wonderful 1936 Harley EL, a classic Harley so rare I never thought I would own one. I got lucky and I know it. So I am taking the best care of this old Knucklehead I can as I enjoy riding it and want it to perform at its best.

Linkert Carburetor on Classic Harley Knucklehead Motorcycle

Last week I removed the bottom of the gas filter on the Linkert and was amazed at all the crap that had accumulated in the bottom over the years. Today’s gas is bad enough we don’t want to also add dirt and grit to it. I carefully cleaned the filter and screen and reassembled it as best I could considering the mesh filter was ripped in half and the gaskets were totally shot. I contacted Into The Winderness and ordered a replacement mesh filter and a stack of new gaskets. They arrived a couple of days later.

Linkert Carburetor Filter

The filter is pretty basic. The gas flows into the filter and through the mesh. The junk is either caught in the mesh or drops to the bottom so it is not as likely to get pulled into the carburetor. To clean it you need to unscrew the knurled cap on the bottom of the filter.

Linkert Filter Contents - Nasty Stuff!

Expect some gas (probably dirty) to flow out when you removed the cap. Reach up and inside and you can carefully pull out the mesh filter element. It is tube shaped and sealed on the bottom.

Replacement Linkert Filter and Gaskets

My filter was pretty well trashed so I knew I’d need the replacement one from Colony I had purchased from Into The Wilderness. It includes the filter and both gaskets you will need.

Clean Out All The Crud In the Linkert Filter Cap

I cleaned out all the crap in the bottom of the filter cap for a second time in a week. I was amazed at how much junk can build up in there so quickly. Then I sprayed it all off with some WD-40. I expect it will be better next time and hope this is just from too many years of not checking.

New Filter and Gaskets For Linkert Carb Gas Filter

 I check fit the new mesh in the filter and found the hole on the top was a tiny bit too small to fit properly into the Linkert filter housing, so I gave it a few passes with an electric drill and it fit fine. I carefully cleaned out any metal filings, slid one gasket over the top of the new mesh, and another in the cap and reassembled the filter. I hand tightened it turned on the gas to check for leaks. All looks good and I am now more confident that the gas that makes it to my carburetor will be as clean as can be. The entire process took less time than it did for me to write this article. Hope it helps.

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