April 6, 2011

Buzz Kanter’s 1926 Classic Harley JD Project Motorcycle

OK, time to start my next project, which I suspect might be quite a while to finish. It is a 1926 Harley JD I bought last year and have not had time to do anything more than to kick it over a few times to make sure the engine is not stuck (it isn’t). I have had it stored at the American Iron Magazine offices and might consider following some or all of this project in the magazine – depending on how it turns out.

1926 Harley JD Project Motorcycle

I’d like to view this project as a community one where I am counting on other forum members to help me identify what’s right and wrong and how to make it better. Please realize that this is not a correct machine and there are many incorrect items on this classic old 1926 Harley JD.

Classic Harley JD Project Motorcycle

This is exactly as I bought it (other than my adding some air to the tires to help it roll easier).

So far, this is what I believe I know about the bike – The engine is stamped 1926, which makes sense. The engine does kick over and seems to have decent comporession. The throttle and ignition advance seems to work. A 1926 Harley would not have a front brake, so either the entire front end or the front wheel and brake is from a later model. I do not believe the Klaxon hand operated horn is correct.

I like the 90 mph Corbin speedo and ammeter (on the same tank top mount). Looks like a Harley stabiolizer on top of the forks. Luggage rack appears correct but wrong color. Gas tank decals look cool but not original. Not sure about the paint. Looks like an Indian motorcycle kicker pedal.

Home made exhaust (at least some of it). Sparkplug wires lead from the battery box – wonder if there is a coil and small battery hidden in there. No hand operated clutch lever – I assume this is because there are front brakes on this bike – which is a typical match up. Cheap cover on the solo seat and modern wires for electrics.

What else do you see worth noting before I begin to lay tools on this machine? Please share here in the comments area. Thanks and I look forward to doing this bike with all the other classic Harley enthusiasts here on this site.

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