February 13, 2011

Linkert Carburetor For Classic Harley Motorcycles


I had originally posted this Linkert carburetor info on the forum here at CAImag but I wanted to put it on my blog page. More as a test than anything else as I hope to start doing some video to make the homepage here at Classic American Iron magazine more interactive. I may even get energetic and learn how to put together a classic Harley PowerPoint presentation just for grins if I can think of something interesting to present. If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along.

Anyway, the video is a view of the throttle bore of a Linkert M51 and the action of the fuel nozzle. As the throttle plate sweeps past the idle transition hole, the main nozzle comes into play. This is called the “tip in” as fuel is mixed with air from the bleed holes in the nozzle a “bubbly emulsion” is drawn from the tip, enters the manifold and the cylinders and, on the compression stroke hopefully goes bang!


Above is a nice diagram of the fuel nozzle function. As you can see, as more demand is required from the engine, the fuel level around the nozzle drops and the air bleeds are progressively uncovered. I also just noticed that the diagram shows a “gasket” between the nozzle and the venturi. I’m curious if anyone knows that use of a gasket there was common procedure.

For my next trick, I plan on videoing a rebuild and assembly of a Linkert carburetor and we’ll go into more detail. Stay tuned.

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