March 27, 2010

Motorcycle Cannonball Revised Improved Web Site

Call us crazy, but about 75 committed (perhaps we should be “committed”) vintage motorcycle riders have signed up for the Motorcycle Cannonball Run. This event is open to all pre-1916 motorcycles, and will pull out of Kitty Hawk, NC on Friday, September 10, 2010 with the goal or arriving in Santa Monica, CA on Sunday, Sept 26.

Motorcycle Cannonball Coast to Coast Antique Motorcycle Race.

Antique motorcycles similar to those on the Motorcycle Cannonball

Over the last few weeks the Motorcycle Cannonball Run web site has been transformed into more of an on-line magazine with regular daily updates and photos from Course Master John Classen. Apparently he and his wife are driving the proposed route in their car making sure it is the best choice for us old timers. Remember, some of these bikes are belt drive, single speed motorbikes with no front brakes and weak rear ones.

Here is the scheduled route and dates. But please be aware they might change slightly, so check their web site before making final plans.

Pre-event We Sept. 8 Registration, Kitty Hawk, NC
Pre-event Th Sept. 9 Registration, optional practice run, Kitty Hawk, NC
Stage 1 Fr Sept. 10 Kitty Hawk, NC, to Greenville, NC 140 Miles
Stage 2 Sa Sept. 11 to Concord, NC 240 Miles
Stage 3 Su Sept. 12 to Maggie Valley, NC 220 Miles
Stage 4 Mo Sept. 13 to Chattanooga, TN 200 Miles
Gain an hour—time zone
Stage 5 Tu Sept. 14 to Tuscumbia, AL 195 Miles
Stage 6 We Sept. 15 to Lula, MS 215 Miles
Stage 7 Th Sept. 16 to Hot Springs, AR 190 Miles
Rest Day Fr Sept. 17 Rest Day; Hot Springs, AR
Stage 8 Sa Sept. 18 to Fort Smith, AR 150 Miles
Stage 9 Su Sept. 19 to Lawton, OK 280 Miles
Gain an hour—time zone
Stage 10 Mo Sept. 20 to Clovis, NM 300 Miles
Stage 11 Tu Sept. 21 to Albuquerque, NM 250 Miles
Stage 12 We Sept. 22 to Gallup, NM 180 Miles
Gain an hour—time zone
Stage 13 Th Sept. 23 to Flagstaff, AZ 205 Miles
Stage 14 Fr Sept. 24 to Laughlin, NV 225 Miles
Stage 15 Sa Sept 25 to Victorville, CA 220 Miles
Stage 16 Su Sept 26 to Santa Monica, CA 115 Miles
Total: 3325 Miles
Motorcycle Cannonball Coast to Coast Antique Motorcycle Routes.

Motorcycle Cannonball scheduled route

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Comments on Motorcycle Cannonball Revised Improved Web Site

March 30, 2010

dualcarb @ 6:16 pm

That sounds like a serious commitment and a helluva lot of fun. Good luck Buzz, go for it!

September 17, 2010

brewt3 @ 11:07 am

Hey Buzz, kinda been looking daily for updates on the run since yesterday was supposed to be the finish. Hope you all made it to the finish. Will keep checking.