March 6, 2010

New Handlebars for a Vintage Motorcycle

Yesterday I ordered the first parts for my 1955 Harley Davidson KH project.  I ordered a new set of “Speedster” handlebars from Faber Cycles.  These bars will replace the ‘buckhorn’ style that are currently on the motorcycle.

One reason I am replacing them is that the current bars are for a later model, they have the holes on the right side bar for a button.  The other reason is that I am hoping it will keep me from feeling so cramped when riding.  Next week, I’ll have a picture with them in my hands, but for the time being I’ll put up the image they provided me when I was communicating with Faber over e-mail.  BTW – questions over email were answered very promptly and I’ve been really happy with the customer service thus far.


The next step of the project is going to be a rewire that I posted earlier on this blog.  I plan on ordering those wires next week.  After the rewire, I will charge up and install the battery I ordered last Fall.   Hopefully I’ll have everything done in the next couple of weeks as the weather is starting to warm up some around these parts!

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