February 10, 2010

Brad Wilmarth & 1913 Excelsior Twin on Motorcycle Cannonball Run

Brad has a wonderful machine in his 1913 Excelsior Twin to ride coast to coast on the upcoming Motorcycle Cannonball Run.

Brad Wilmarth & 1913 Excelsior motorcycle

Brad Wilmarth & 1913 Excelsior motorcycle

Motorcycle Cannonball Motorcycle Cannonball Rider #61   Brad Wilmarth – 1913 Excelsior

I have been restoring antique motorcycles full time since 1994. I have been involved in the hobby since 1983.

This is my 1913 Excelsior model 7. It is mostly original with the exception of a few parts. I will do some modifications for the ride but will maintain its “look”. I have been waiting since I got this bike to do a ride of this type. This is the first (and best, and so far only) opportunity I will ever have to do it. I will do the best I can to make sure the bike and I are fit for the task.       ~ Brad Wilmarth

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