January 26, 2010

Dieter Eckel & 1913 BSA Single in Motorcycle Cannonball Run

Dieter is bringing this ancient British BSA motorcycle over to the US to compete on the coast to coast Motorcycle Cannonball Run.


Dieter Eckel & 1913 BSA Motorcycle

Motorcycle Cannonball Rider #32   Dieter Eckel – 1913 BSA

Thinking sensibly about it… it seems a hard task to me! But what choice have I got? I can’t let my wife go on her own!

I started my motorcycling life at the age of 12 and, genetically conditioned (my father had Nortons), I always had English bikes, specializing in BSAs. Riding them through summer and winter, I was finally spoiled by getting my first car 8 years ago – the start of comfort. For some discomfort and to get trained for the run, we had now started a long term fitness program… and we will start it again in springtime!        ~ Dieter Eckel

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