January 4, 2010

1924 Harley Update. Sidestand & Toolbox After A Long Search

I have owned my 1924 Harley JDCA for almost twenty years, but didn’t get it running until about six or seven years ago (thanks to Dale Walksler at Wheels Through Time museum) and didn’t really ride it much until this last year.

My Original Paint Classic 1924 Harley

My Original Paint Classic 1924 Harley With Repop Side Stand

Over the years I have been looking for the correct and genuine Harley parts to make the bike more accurate. And I have found it is so much harder and more expensive to get the right parts for these early motorcycles than the later Harleys like Panhead and Knucklehead parts.

A few weeks ago I purchased a high quality reproduction side stand and installed it even though I don’t believe Harley offered a side stand in 1924. It looks good and works well. And I didn’t have to damage anything on my mostly original and correct classic Harley.

Original Paint 1924 Harley JD Toolbox

One of the most elusive of the missing parts for the ’24 was the toolbox, which is a small rectangular box mounted up on top of the gas tanks.  I believe there is a man in Germany who reproduces them, but I was hoping for an original toolbox if possible.

Yesterday I got an email from one of my many friends here on this classic motorcycle forum asking if I had seen the original paint and correct toolbox for a 1924 Harley listed on ebay. He even sent me a link (thanks Dave) and I bought it with the Buy It Now price. Expensive? Yes, but where are you going to find another one like it? So I’ll be eating jam sandwiches (take two pieces of bread and jam them together) for a few weeks, I finally found the right toolbox shortening my list of items still needed for the ’24.

So I want to thank everyone on this classic Harley forum and blog for acting like one big (sometimes dysfunctional) family and helping each other out. First one friend on this forum turned me on to the old Harley I plan on building my Motorcycle Cannonball bike on (thanks Scott) and now another member pointed me to the tool box for my 1924 Harley. Amazing!

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Comments on 1924 Harley Update. Sidestand & Toolbox After A Long Search

January 5, 2010

David Morrill @ 9:27 am

Thanks Buzz,

Glad to be of help.