January 2, 2010

72 Harley Shovelhead Wiring, Pt 1


Wiring time for this old Harley! What a rats nest of colored wires, looks like a couple weed eaters got in here and fought to the death. Even burned a couple wires during the battle. So now it is time to sort it out. Since I ain’t no expert, the plan is to replace one wire at a time with the same colored wire as what the wiring diagram calls for.



Nasty Wires On My Harley Shovelhead

 Since the past owners have gotten in here and cut and removed and replaced things, I have my work cut out for me. I found out the burned wire was the Harley factory one for the high beam on the head light. Someone removed all the turn signals including the handlebar switches. Then they used one of the turn signal wires for the high beam. I got wires running from under the seat all the way to the front, spliced into different colors and then run back to the rear of the bike to be spliced back into yet different colors.


What a mess.Rats Nest of Wires in My Classic Harley FL

After I removed all the tape and exposed every wire, I removed everything that was not attached to something. This leaves nothing but the circuits that are in use on the bike. I will add turn signals and a front brake switch later. For now I am holding out for another ride or two before the final tear down, so I opted to just ‘clean up’ the wiring for now.


Starting To Simplify The Wiring On My Shovelhead

Looking at the ‘cleaned up’ wiring tells me that I really need to do it right, and that requires me to do some disassembly of the my old Harley Shovelhead to get at all the places needed. So, now I guess I will just strip the bike down to the frame and start over. After one more ride of course. Gotta do something while I wait for parts to arrive.

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