February 22, 2009

What Indian Does Brad Pitt Ride in “Benjamin Buttons” Movie?

I have yet to see the movie Benjamin Button, but plan to just because Brad Pitt rides a cool old Indian.

Brad Pitt On Old Indian

I do note that the jacket he was wearing is now being sold by British motorcycle clothing manufacturer Belstaff (photos below the shot of Brad on his Indian 101 Scout are of the new jackets now being sold).

Brad Pitt On Classic Indian Motorcycle

Brad Pitt On Classic Indian 101 Scout Motorcycle

I actually have a jacket pretty similar to that (on left in the bottom photo)¬†but it is a knockoff design sold here in the US. I’ve had the jacket for years and appreciate the clever and functional design.
1928 Indian 101 Scout Possibly Used in Benjamin Button Movie

1928 Indian 101 Scout Possibly Used in Benjamin Button Movie

So, let’s see. I have the Indian (mine is a red and black 1931 101 Scout, the jacket, and I have some sunglasses that look like his in this photo. Does that mean I can get the babes? Just kidding.
I have been told this motorcycle might be the one used in the movie, but don’t know for sure. Chris Hayens, can you shed any light on this? I know you are a Harley guy, but even you might have to agree that the Indian 101 Scout is one amazing bike!

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Comments on What Indian Does Brad Pitt Ride in “Benjamin Buttons” Movie?

February 22, 2009

redchief @ 9:22 pm


101 Scout is probably the best bike Indian ever made. So that said, Pitt also rides what looks like a 55 T100 Triumph Tiger in the movie…which is also a very cool bike.

Red Chief

February 23, 2009

CAI-admin @ 11:14 am

I believe you can see the Indian logo by his right knee. The basket over the rear tire is missing, but the rest of the bike is pretty identical to DMF’s bike. Case closed?

February 24, 2009

redchief @ 4:08 pm

I don’t think it the same bike:

Front kickstand missing on Pitt’s bike, present on other.
Pin-striping on tank (Pitt’s bike) is not as rounded toward front/top of tank.
Front forks black on Pitt’s bike, red on other.
Headlight on Pitt’s bike is 7″, looks like 5″ on other.
Also, I don’t think Pitt’s bike is a ’28, I think it is a ’30.
Differences are extremely subtle, but they are there.

So with due respect: case open.

Red Chief

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