January 15, 2009

Motorcycle AMCA Youth Program Harley Giveaway

Harley WLA Parts Bike

Win Harley Parts Bike Like This (but not this one)

Hi everybody. It has been freezing cold up here in South Dakota, sub zero temps, ice, and a lot of snow.  This may sound stange to some of you, but I actually like this weather, and consider it a vital part of my work schedule.  If I lived in a tropical place like California, or any place down south that lacks snow, I probably wouldn’t get any work done on the classic motorcycle restoration, because I would be out enjoying them, doing the minimul amount of maintanance to keep the wheels rolling on the road.   The reason that I bring this up, is because I feel a little bit guilty about not writing here more often.   I will try to pry myself away from the shop to post something fun on here on a more frequent basis.

The main reason that I wanted to do a post tonight, was to show you guys one of the parts that I just got in for the Harley motorcycle giveaway contest that I have been working on in a Harley magazine and here.  It is a set of NOS Harley front and rear springer fork legs.  They were donated by my good friend John Lindeman from Golden Valley, North Dakota.  There are a couple of neat things that I noticed about this front end,  the first was that the wires that held the parts tag were still on the fork, but the tags had been ripped off.  The second was that the fork has a sweated spring perch, which means that it was for an earlier Harley WLA military motorcycle, which matches the vin number on the cases I donated. The Harley 45 frame donated by by Dale Walksler and David Leightner doesn’t match but that’s OK as this will be a bobber.   And the last thing I noticed is that the fork is bent. This must have happened sometime over the last 60 years of being shuffled around.  The bent fork isn’t really a problem, and to be honest, I am kind of happy as this gives me an oppurtunity to show the winner of the contest how to straighten it out.

Harley WLA Motorcycle NOS Fork Legs

One really cool detail about this motorcycle fork, that anyone can use for your restoration motorcycle project at home, is the way the spring rods are painted on the front leg.  This was always something that I used to wonder about when I first started restoring old Harleys.  If you look at the photos, you will notice that the rods are parkerized and painted Army OD green half way up the rod.  This is the same process used on civilian motorcycles too.   Harley-Davidson didn’t worry about masking tape, they just sprayed those legs and tried not to get any paint on the threads. That’s all for now guys,  thanks for reading all of this mumbo jumbo,  and I hope that you have a nice day. – Matt Olsen

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Comments on Motorcycle AMCA Youth Program Harley Giveaway

January 25, 2009

Buzz_Kanter @ 10:52 am

Congrats to Matt for undertaking such a large project AND for working so hard to grow the popularity of classic motorcycles with younger riders. The young people are our future and these old bikes are our past. What a great idea. We at http://www.caimag.com and American Iron [URL=”http://www.aimag.com”]Harley magazine[/URL]encourage him and plan to feature the progress of this. Well done and thanks Matt.