September 13, 2008

Linkert Carburetor Adjustment For The Harley & Indian Motorcycle

Basic adjustment of a Linkert carburetor & Linkert float setting for the Harley & Indian motorcycle

1. Start the process of making sure your Harley or Indian motorcycle is safely standing upright and is properly supported to make sure it will not fall over.

2. Carefully turn in the High Speed Needle until it is lightly seated in your Linkert carburetor, then back it out 2 full turns.

3. Now turn in the Low Speed Needle until it is lightly seated, then back it our 5 full turns. The Linkert should now be set for a rich mixture.

4. Set the ignition spark to almost full advance on your motorcycle and start the engine. Allow it to idle until it reaches normal operating temperature.

5. Once fully warm and still running, turn the Low Speed Needle clockwise on your Linkert carburetor one notch at a time until the engine starts to miss. Then back it out counterclockwise 5 to 10 clicks or notches, until the engine runs smoothly with the throttle fully closed and the ignition fully advanced.

6. Adjust your motorcycle engine speed to idle at 900 to 1100 RPM by turning the Throttle Stop Screw on the throttle lever. Turning the Throttle Stop Screw counter-clockwise on the Linkert carburetor reduces idle speed. Do not set the idle at less than 900 RPM as this could cause mechanical issues due to a lack of proper oil flow.

7. Now repeat Steps 5 and 6 as listed above until your Harley or Indian motorcycle is running at its best. It is better to be slightly rich and a little too lean in your carburetor settings.

8. If your Linkert carburetor settings are correct the engine will run slowly but evenly.

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October 12, 2009

Greg H @ 11:02 am

Point4)set ignition spark to “almost full advance” ??

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