September 4, 2008

Pin Up Girls On Indian & Harley Motorcycle Classics

What is it about the WWII era pin up art, often found painted on the noses and bodies of WWII era airplanes. This is one style that seems to be holding up quite nicely after all these years and continue to be popular with motorcycle riders, especially with classic Harley and vintage Indian motorcycles.

Normally we don’t go much into the cheesecake in the pages of American Iron Harley magazine or on line here at Classic American Iron Magazine, but we thought this was fun. How about something a bit earlier like this?

Harley Sport & Pin Up Girl

Harley Sport Motorcycle & Pin Up Girl

Or how about something like this (don’t you love these?)

1920s Harley Single & Pin Up Girl

1920s Harley Motorcycle Single & Pin Up Girl

And one more showing how the sexy pin up girl and Harley motorcycles can be used for advertising these days

Harleys & Pin Up Girls in Advertising

Harley motorcycles & Pin Up Girls in Advertising

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Comments on Pin Up Girls On Indian & Harley Motorcycle Classics

November 12, 2008

clydeflathead @ 7:18 pm

Hey, That’s my sister, why that little
tramp !!

January 30, 2010

moonmullenz @ 11:01 am

I don’t know where you got the first picture, with what looks to be Betty Page on the tank of an Indian, but I’ve got the same photo from the other side of that bike, I took it at the antique motorcycle show at the Rhienbeck fair grounds back about 2008. I love that photo, it’s actually my back ground for my desktop on my computer

February 6, 2010

SoloLobo @ 6:57 pm

Damn it! I thought it said “Pick up girls on an Indian Motorcycles & Harleys Too.”
I thought this old dog was going to get a new trick, son of a gun anyway…………