August 23, 2016

Picking Classic Motorcycles & Antique Parts in A Basement

I was invited to check out these classic motorcycles and parts in a woman’s basement after her father passed away. She asked me to help identify the machines and parts and to give her an idea of the values.

No, I did not buy anything but I was more than a little tempted on a few of the motorcycles. Nice Harley Cafe Racer XLCR and I loved the pre-war Knucklehead and VL Harleys.

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June 5, 2016

Indian Motorcycle Deal – Magazines, Book & Collector Cards

If you are into classic or antique Indian motorcycles, like the Chief, Scout, Four or racers, we have some great deals for you.

Great bundle deal for Indian Motocycle enthusiasts

The long out-of-print Indian Motorcycle Illustrated is considered one of the best magazines ever for classic (pre-1954) Indian motorcycle enthusiasts.

You can pay a lot of money for them on ebay, if you can find them, or shop at to find most of them in uncirculated condition, at a reasonable cost.

Greaserag has many, but not all issues of this magazine for sale. But be aware, once they are sold out, they are gone forever.

Click on Indian Motorcycle Magazines link for more info of what is available, and to order yours now.

Indian motorcycle magazines for sale

Please consider sharing this info and link with your Indian riding friends.

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March 2, 2016

Fly Cut Thor, large fly cutter,the new tool design,time and money saving ,best of both world

Hi to all

You are the among the very first to see those videos and images,completely non-bike related this time ,a change from those who read my tech threads this is something non related to bike,this is mostly for those who work in or around a machine shop or interested in metal removal at it’s best, or basement machinist trying to keep the cost down,to all hope you will enjoy.


I have been working on this for years, too long to tell,never had time and everything seem to get in my way,but now it is finally time to get them out so everyone could benefit from this new tool design .

Just click on each small pictures to get to my Photobucket video link to see the tool in action,first one is roughing a 6061 aluminum plate and second one is finishing cut.

More on Fly Cut Thor, large fly cutter,the new tool design,time and money saving ,best of both world

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