December 10, 2014

Late Indian Chief Powerplus motorcycle «cast-in» pinion race bearing problem ……and correction

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I have had a request to check a late Indian Chief Powerplus crankshaft to see if it was trued,from the guy who bring it to me(ex Indian dealer), most have a problem related to the flywheel, due to too soft of flywheel casting and improperly ground taper in wheels, so no problem for me to check to see if it was correct, sure it was not, so my indy order a new set made in the USA.

They have had such a demand that it was worth doing them to replace the Indian wheel (made in Korea),the later bunch of flywheel to fit late 2003-2004 were made in Argentina and they seem a lot better, this one is early 2003.

.005 inch and .007 on each shaft…way too much

So I did check the new flywheels and sure they were perfect for runout

So it was time for me to line lap…so I was doing the line lapping on the pinion bearing with the 2 case half bolted together, something caught my attention, the bearing race was slightly moving, my first taught was an optical illusion, so I made a chalk mark in straight line and it was definitely moving but not by much, barely able to see it, and  it was not the bearing race but actually the steel sleeve that was originally cast-in at the factory, but still this is the main support for the flywheel and it need to be perfect and really solid, I do not want to let this one go without telling the guy about it since I did not want to complete the assembly of the bottom end and left the insert like this.

Here is the case I am talking about 2003 Indian Chief Powerplus engine, 100 cubic inch V-Twin

So after a long talk,he ask me if I could take care of it,he told me that there was some company in the States specialized in those later Indian engine ,but he did not want to take the chance to ship the case and to lost them,from my side I did not have much time to spare,but I say why not, since it was a challenge for me more than anything. More on Late Indian Chief Powerplus motorcycle «cast-in» pinion race bearing problem ……and correction

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December 3, 2014

Vintage Motorcycle Alliance Returns To Eustis, FL For 2015

The Vintage Motorcycle Alliance, LLC is proud to announce the 4th Annual “International Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet and Show” in picturesque Eustis Florida at the wonderful Lake County Fairgrounds on March 6, 7 and 8 2015.

There is building anticipation of a much larger display of vintage machines in the main exposition building this year, and we have offered vendors the chance to enhance sales by staying another day to provide vintage parts to the public.  Visitors previously unable to attend on Friday or Saturday can now enjoy the bike show and interact with vendors to purchase necessary parts for their projects.  Seminars by experts will be offered to enlighten novices, collectors and enthusiasts to the fine arts of owning, maintaining and riding vintage machines.

This will be the 20th year that an antique motorcycle swap meet has been presented at the Lake County Fairgrounds and the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance has joined forces with town officials to promote “Destination Eustis.”  We recognize what makes Eustis enticing to antique motorcyclists- the peaceful ambiance, ample amenities, quality entertainment and an easy access location.

The Vintage Motorcycle Alliance with their enthusiastic sponsors and amiable vendors promise to provide an event recognized for variety of OEM used, NOS, and top shelf NEW replacement parts, as well as literature, memorabilia and educational information for your classic machine. We expect great diversity with classic bobbers and choppers, military vehicles, vintage restorations, factory original paint bikes, antique racing and touring machines and daily riders from around the planet.

Fine examples from the United States, Italy, Germany, England, Sweden and Japan. ALL two and three wheelers and ALL machines in excess of twenty years old.  We anticipate winning bikes from National “Board Track” racing and AMA sanctioned events as well as several highest scoring machines from the “2014 Motorcycle Cannonball” challenge to be on hand for your viewing pleasure. Also meet their owners and riders for conversation and inspiration.

Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss “Destination Eustis.”  Come see what we have planned!  For more pertinent details and an interactive site map with vendor signup page please visit WWW.VINTAGEMOTORCYCLEALLIANCE.COM

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December 2, 2014

Win A New Indian Chief Motorcycle, S&S Cycle Engine or $1,000 Dennis Kirk Gift Certificate

In celebration of American Iron Magazine’s 25th anniversary they are giving away lots of great prizes including a new Indian Chief motorcycle, a new S&S Cycles engine, 13 $1,000 Dennis Kirk gift certificates and lots more.

All subscribers to American Iron Magazine (existing or new) are automatically entered to win. If you want to subscribe to a great magazine, save big bucks AND be entered to win these prizes, act now as this sweepstakes ends December 31, 2014.

For details, list of prizes and to subscribe please clip on

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