October 18, 2014

Buzz Kanter Motorcycle Cannonball Interview on Internet Radio Show Those Diner & Motorcycle Guys

Buzz Kanter, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher of American Iron Magazine magazine, talks with Garrison about his involvement in the recent Motorcycle Cannonball event and riding almost 4,000 miles on pre-1937 motorcycles.

Buzz with his 1915 Harley prior to riding it across U.S. on 1st Motorcycle Cannonball in 2010

Buzz and his 1936 Harley VLH flathead at top of 12,000-ft Loveland Pass on recent Motorcycle Cannonball

Buzz was inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame in 2002 and the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2011.
Buzz Kanter launched Stamford, Connecticut-based TAM Communications in 1989 in a spare bedroom over his garage, publishing Old Bike Journal. Two years later he purchased the failing two-year old American Iron Magazine. He has since added other motorcycle magazines, motorcycle events and a motorcycle related mail order business.
In 2008, Kanter and TAM Communications launched Classic American Iron Magazine for classic American-made motorcycle enthusiasts.
Check out Buzz’s publications:

Buzz and his 1936 Harley at the BonMotorcycle Cannonball Ride

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Listen to Garrison’s interview with Buzz on Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

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October 13, 2014

Classic Harley Knucklehead & New England Autumn Colors

Nothing much to report here other than I like this photo I took a few days ago of my 1936 classic Harley EL Knucklehead on a stunning New England autumn afternoon.

Autumn 2014I first saw this classic 1936 Harley Knucklehead (and photographed it for a feature in American Iron Magazine) in 1991, shortly after it was rebuilt and put back on the road. I lost track of the bike over the years and was then fortunate enough to buy it many years later from the man who rebuilt and maintained it for so many years.

I took this photo a couple of days ago and it is pretty much as I first saw and photographed it 23 years ago. I have since replaced the reproduction speedometer for a rare one-year only 1936 Harley speedometer. I added the American flag and pole, and just a few days ago I added the reproduction Hanson Sportshield roll up windshield.

I have put several thousand miles on this bike in the 7 years since I purchased it. I wish all my classic motorcycles started as easily and ran as smoothly as this first year Knucklehead does.

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October 5, 2014

Indian Motorcycle Racer At Race of Gentlemen On NJ Beaches

There is a cool new event for classic motorcycle and car racers on the Wildwood, NJ beach called the Race Of Gentlemen. I was hoping to attend this year but between recovering from the Motorcycle Cannonball and other obligations I could not participate this year.

Buzz Kanter’s 1937 Indian Sport Scout Classic Roadracer

In my place I am pleased to loan my little 1937 Indian Sport Scout roadracer to my friend Pete Minardi to race in my place. Pete, a competitive racer, mechanic and fabricator, was delighted to race my Indian. Pete and his wife Maureen run Precision Cycles in New Jersey.

While in Pete’s shop he made some modifications on my Sport Scout, including swapping the magneto ignition for a battery and coil set-up, the 2-into-1 exhaust for a better 2-into-2 exhaust,  fixed some clutch issues and redesigned the rear brake set up.

Yesterday was the first day of races and the rain stopped by mid day. Among the classic cars and bikes Pete managed to squeeze in 3 races on my Indian and he won them all. Fast little bike. Today there are more races and I hope Pete can do well with the American Iron Magazine Sport Scout Indian racer. Details to follow.

SUNDAY EVENING UPDATE: Just spoke with Pete Minardi who reports he entered 6 races on the little Indian and won all 6, including one with a very fast Harley UL, which he later found out crushed a seagull during the race (Pete was so far in front of the Harley rider he didn’t see it happen).

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