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Thread: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

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    Re: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

    I've killed enough brain cells in my youth, I figure I better protect what's left. My wife wouldn't be too keen wiping my ass for the rest of my life
    "The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.” ~ Jacques Cousteau

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    Re: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

    I don't think helmets should be mandated any more than seatbelts. If you are an adult, make your choice. The other day I didn't wear my seatbelt , my daughter asked why. I said I was living on the edge, today!
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    Re: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

    In France, no possible choice! The deficit in the Social Security budget imposes to stop injuries and death on the road. The private insurance to; so here the helmet must be worn.... but a helmet with French or european homologation. In the real life, it is a good system to pay more tax.

    But, of course, a helmet and good body protection are essential.
    One day a wood pigeon crashed on my helmet window at just 60 km/h.... window broke itself. Without a integral helmet, you can imagine my face after...
    But I understand very well people who defend the principe of no law for the personal risk.
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  4. Re: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

    I don't wear a helmet, neither does my wife. We have ridden many thousands of miles all over the country and have avoided accidents through careful planning, defensive driving, and riding alone, never in groups. We take the back roads, and enjoy the feel and freedom of the wind. I don't think this is for everyone, its just a personal choice.. Many, as you know, who ride, shouldn't be on the road at all...

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    Re: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

    Let those who ride decide!

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    When was the last time you met a State Trooper that was also a Doctor? I hate the statement that he would have survived if he had a helmet on, that is straight up propaganda!

    "Troopers say Contos would have likely survived if he had been wearing a helmet."

    Are we to believe that everyone that has ever died on a motorcycle did not have a helmet on, give me a break. Plenty of deaths have occurred with all the safety gear possible in place, motorcycles are dangerous. Rant over.

    Freedom of choice, my head my choice, please.
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  7. Re: Biker dies protesting helmet laws

    fishtailed, spun and toppled... it was all fun and games until somebody got their eye poked out and the media reported it.

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