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Thread: K model tool kit

  1. K model tool kit

    Anyone have any info on the correct tool kit for a 55 KH model? I would guess the tool kit for all the k models was the same?? What items were in it? Were the tools wrapped in some material or just placed in a case of some type? Any pictures appreciated. Would like to eventually find a tool kit replacement (if there are any around). My original tool kit (along with the bike) was borrowed without permission years ago-fortunately, the bike was recovered-only thing missing was the tool kit. Appreciate any insight.

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    Re: K model tool kit

    Odd? They stole the bike and kept the tools? Strange priority?

  3. Re: K model tool kit

    The motorcycle was stolen from a Nebraska farm in the mid 80s. Several months later, a police sting recovered the motorcycle in California. When it was returned, as odd as it is, the only thing missing was the tool box cover and the tool kit. Probably had it off for some reason or another...

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    Re: K model tool kit

    I have never seen a reference to the tool kit contents in the Parts Book or Owner's Manual. I have never been sure if they came from the factory with one.
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    Re: K model tool kit

    I'm with Dave on this one. I managed to put together a passable tool kit that required fabricating a few pieces to make them work and to fit into the available space.

  6. Re: K model tool kit

    Just to show my face from time to time...

    No tool kit that I know of for Ks and KHs


  7. Re: K model tool kit

    I'm thinking of making my own. What would a Big Twin of the same era come with and what tools/spares should be included for a KH ? Would they be in a soft tool roll?


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    Re: K model tool kit

    The "K" tool kit first appears in the '55 accessory catalog as part number 94404-52A for all K and KH. The breakdown of items included is from the '57 dealer edition accessory catalog and all would be the same except the -57 tappet wrench that was added for Sportsters to use the same kit.

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    Re: K model tool kit

    Rubone, you da man! Thank you for sharing this. I have saved the graphic on my computer.

    I referred to this forum on AMCA's forum. I bet there are people there who will love learning about what you found, Rubone.
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    Re: K model tool kit

    Dang Robbie amaze at times. You got anything on the military 1957 Sportster, parts book..etc...???

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