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Thread: Dave Cantrell

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    Dave Cantrell

    Feel like I’ve been carrying a terrible secret these last few months but it’s time to let ya’ll know. Our dear friend and forum member Dave Cantrell aka Clydeflathead was diagnosed with cancer last March 13th and tomorrow is being moved to a hospice.

    I met Dave here on the forum and he was my inspiration to get involved in the Goulding website and learn about these old hacks that he was so passionate about. I wish I had met him sooner because he was as nice a person as you would ever want to meet and he will be sorely missed by myself, his family and friends and those of you in the vintage motorcycle community.

    If you knew Dave and would like to send him a letter via his daughter, please PM me for her address.

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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    Having first hand experience with cancer in several close family members I feel for Dave and his family. Very best wishes to them all.
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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    I'm very sorry to hear about Dave's condition. He was very helpful in identifying my old hack.

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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    went through this with my sister last summer, and i can tell ya ,,hospice is the worst thing i experienced

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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    Dave is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He's one of the best remaining authorities on Goulding sidecars. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Godspeed, Dave!
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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    I'm sorry to hear this news Mark. I hope and pray for the best.
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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    I am all to familiar with cancer.
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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    dam mark, i pm'd him a coupla days ago and figured something was going on from not getting an answer but nothing to that degree. cancer is such a wicked illness. i feel for him and what his family will have to watch.
    my wife was diagnosed at 52 years old and passed in 4 months. unbelievable seeing someone go that fast. hopefully hospice can get him comfortable and his loved ones will be there when he goes. thanks for letting us no.

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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    I now know why Dave has not been able to communicate with me the past several months. This comes as a real shock to me. He never let on about his health condition. Dave is one of the best Bro's one could ever know. My heart goes out to his family and his many other friends. Paps

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    Re: Dave Cantrell

    Sorry to hear about the cancer. It's a relentless disease. I've also been there though it's been about ten years since I received that shocking statement, "You've got cancer". Any idea what type of cancer Dave Cantrell has?


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