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Thread: 1941 Servi-Car

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    1941 Servi-Car

    Hi everybody,
    Just thought i would share the results of my servi. Took me ten yrs to find all the original parts(lots of nos) and information on it and two yrs with my loving wife to build it. I still have to paint it though and figure a couple things out(like keeping up with traffic). Only repop parts are the white grips and leather on the seat. 38knuckle
    p.s. i was going to start my next project but my 38el started smoking really bad last wk and i pulled the heads and cylinders and it's not good. I'm pulling the motor for a complete rebuild. I'll post in another thread and let you guys see that.

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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Your 'trike' looks great..!
    You don't have to keep up with traffic, but when you finally get to where everyone else was going, you're supposed to have the trunk full of beer on ice..!!
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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Looks great, man! Congrats to your wife for finishin' it. You were out on your EL, wearin' it out, while she was finishin' this. Isn't that what you said?

    Looks like you left no stone unturned. I like it!
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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    looks great ! a hard to find 41er with a small box !

    I have also a 41 servicar,complete but not assembled, my next project, after y FLH bobber and VLD. Over 5 years or so......

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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    That looks excellent....job well done.

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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Great job Man! Hope my wlc will be as nice as your servi!!!
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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Mighty fine looking machine you restored there ! It has real class !!

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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Very cool.
    What color are you thinking?

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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Great work
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    Re: 1941 Servi-Car

    Nice job. Right shift - does that mean left throttle?
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