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Thread: Win This Bike

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    The folks from Wheels Thorugh Time brought this bike over to a display we had in Knoxville, this week. It sure got a lot of attention.

    It is still being reffled and there is still time before the drawing. For more info contact the folks at Wheels Through Time for prices, dates, etc.
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    Re: Win This Bike

    I'll think I still have a chance as long as she doesn't have an Indian between her legs... win that raffle that is!
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    Re: Win This Bike

    And another screen saver photo makes it into my collection.

    Thanks Buzz.
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    Re: Win This Bike

    That one has been the screen saver on my GPS for a few years. Glad you posted, I just saw that WTT will now accept Canadian orders for Tickets and bought some, I always had to buy mine through J&P in the past, which I don't mind, but this is easier.

    (Psst, fix me up Matt!)


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    Re: Win This Bike

    shit! all i got is a heel-toe on my 40 , i'll have to look in the accessory book for that camel-toe option

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    Re: Win This Bike

    I won the 36 VLD last year(2014). This is the Major fundraiser for WTT so Buy some Tickets!
    This 37 Knucklehead is more beautiful in person. The higlight of Winning, getting to spend a few hours with Dale and being granted entrance into his Shop. If you have never visited WTT, its a Must See!

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    Re: Win This Bike

    I'm still staring at the seat.

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