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Thread: Show us your Sport Scouts

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    Re: Show us your Sport Scouts

    Most of my home country of Norway have roads like this, perfect for riding (in the summer..)

    But after we started our house renovation crusade 1,5 years ago, I have hardly had any time to do much riding and wrenching. Just sleeping and working I hope to get more spare time after 2012..

    I'm a chief guy, the sport scout is too small. However, the sport scouts looks nicer and is pretty fast through the twisties..

    Sound of an Indian..:
    Here's video of my chief through the same twisties.. the chief has much more power, but it's long and heavy. Also, the scout is pretty much stock.. and the chief is 84" and has bonneville cams in the video.

    My Iceland trip and a trip to the North Cape is covered here:

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    Re: Show us your Sport Scouts

    Another Club member caught me on in action on our last club run a few weeks back
    regards Phil

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    Re: Show us your Sport Scouts

    This is my Fathers 741 at the front with my 1940 Sport Scout in the middle and early 1948 Chief at the back.

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    Re: Show us your Sport Scouts

    Welcome to the club Shadow and nice herd of Injuns you have there.

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    Re: Show us your Sport Scouts

    Being 6 foot 4 I find the chief the better size for me but the Sport Scout is by far the most fun, great on the country roads around Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

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    Re: Show us your Sport Scouts

    Haven't seen a steam driven camera for awhile!

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    40 Sport Scout bobber and a 50 VT frame with 741stroker a common hotrod in the 50s & 60s.
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