Does anyone know how to mount the air filter on a 1941 WLA, or have pictures?

I've added pictures of a NOS 1941 WLA air filter with all of its mounting hardware.
It has a different mounting plate as the ones used on 42-up WLA's. The hardware that came with the air filter contains besides the normal bolts, also a long bolt with spacer and unidentified small steel (green) bracket.

I also noticed that the carburetor connection is green, and that is odd because all 1941 WLA's had none painted connections. I'm sure that this connection is 1941 WLA because it has the #1 sequential number next to the 430-412 casting #, and it was all together when I bought the filter.

Any help is appreciated,
JR.029_NOS 41WLA airfilter mounting #1.jpg024_NOS 41WLA airfilter and mounting hardware.jpg028_NOS 41WLA airfilter and mounting hardware.jpg