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Thread: All Encompassing Linkert Thread

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    Re: Linkert Carb Tuning

    I found some instructions online that made sense to me. First, dial in the low speed needle, then the high speed. The instructions say to turn in the high speed until the bike backfires through the carb after a short run at cruising speed, followed by a complete closing of the throttle. When this occurs, turn the high speed out 5 clicks. Then return to the low speed, and take that out another three clicks, the reason being that both adjustments affect each other.

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    Re: All Encompassing Linkert Thread

    I have a knuckle with a m35 on it and at low speeds it runs real flat and when it starts moving to the high side it runs great,have adjusted it with no avail. Bad thing is it ran great for a year then one day it started doing this and never have been able to get the flat spot out. Ideas?

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    Re: All Encompassing Linkert Thread

    So you're saying poor initial acceleration? These carbs just don't shit the bed requiring needle adjustments so outside of the float getting wonky I'd look at something timing related.

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    Re: All Encompassing Linkert Thread

    I have a M51L on a 80 in flathead. This engine starts right up and idles perfectly. Crack throttle while on the kickstand it is very clear no smoke no popping.While riding at high speed 55 to 60mph when I let all off throttle then the revs come down I hear a low popping out of exhaust. Only at high speed...I am running the rocket muffler setup.I have searched for air leaks but can not find any..On occasion gas will overflow out of the small hole above the float bowl. I have had this apart numerous times.nitrophyl float and steel needle valve are installed.. have not been able to do a real plug chop but the plugs are light brown on electrode and a little soot on outer edge of plugs..Are these 2 things related? Any advice?

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    Re: All Encompassing Linkert Thread

    Is the float body properly offset per service manual?

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    Re: All Encompassing Linkert Thread

    Yes 1/16 to the right when looking down into the bowl. And 1/4 inch from the top.i also checked the finger clerance.

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