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Thread: M741 rescue...hopefully

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    M741 rescue...hopefully

    Figured I go with a new thread on this carburetor that came with my 101 Scout. I was going to send it away (and I may still !) but after asking Cotten who he might suggest, he suggested I go for it myself, so here we go. (full disclosure.... I may have failed as many times on carburetor rebuilds as I have been successful with, but live and learn I say.)

    Here's what I am starting with, a dirty old 741 with a cork float that was mostly dust:

    First thing I discovered is that the bowl appears to be Schebler, it's brass and doesn't seem to have a replaceable needle seat?

    The float needle is still there, but without being able to replace the seat I'm wondering how to get a good seal?:

    Then the low speed needle isn't connected to the adjuster knob, broken?

    The throttle disc with a little light showing, and the shaft is actually not wobbly at all:

    And finally, not sure if this is a plug or is it a jet? Either way, going to take some finagling to get it out of there:

    As I said, it's really, really dirty and I can't get the discs out so I'm still working on disassembly/cleaning.
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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    That is schebler bowl & needle & seat.I use an air heat gun[paint stripper] to get them warmed up before diassembly.That will make removing everything easier.tiny left hand drill bits may help with the bugger job.
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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    Thanks Duffey, I got all the galley plugs out except for one, the one accessed through the throttle side flange is in there deep and was all buggered up. Everything else came off so it’s soaking in Chem-Dip for a while.
    1946 Chief - take apart and put back together
    101 Scout - building stage

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    Soaked overnight in Chem-Dip and it looks better, outside:

    and inside:

    I should mention I had no problem getting the venturi out... there wasn't one in there!

    Now to make a list and order parts, gonna need bowl, float, needles, nozzle, venturi, throttle and choke plates, throttle and choke shafts, throttle shaft bushings, and some odds and ends like new galley plugs and tiny springs for the detent balls for the knobs. Good thing labor is cheap!
    1946 Chief - take apart and put back together
    101 Scout - building stage

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    HS detent missing? Mike at ITW sells billet throttle shafts that are really consistent and don't require a shitload of reaming to get a good fit...

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    You may be able to find another 1" in better and/or more complete condition, such as the 1949-58 M-18.

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    Mark, when you say "HS detent" I'm guessing the spring loaded ball that gives you the clicks when you turn the knob, it was in there...really in there! I'll be looking at ITW, thanks.

    Panic, the bike was built with a Schebler DLX63 or a Tillotson MS33A, and a common replacement, or so I hear, was the 741-1. Greer's has everything for the M741-1 so I'll keep it, but thanks for the idea!
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    101 Scout - building stage

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    The 741 is no different from any other 1" Linkert and all the parts interchange.

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    Great thread topic PB - I am subscribed, as I have an M-7 that I will need to work over someday.

    I understand the M-7 was a 741 replacement...
    Are there any substantial differences between the two?

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    Re: M741 rescue...hopefully

    D-Day... that's beyond my pay grade I think, M7's were for the Junior Scout 30.50? What Danny said is good, 1" Linkerts are the same. I ordered parts for this 741 and have a venturi coming for a 441 Linkert to put in mine. My motor calls for a 13/16" venturi and the 741-1 venturi is 3/4", Greer's said it will fit. Now I wonder about the nozzle!
    1946 Chief - take apart and put back together
    101 Scout - building stage

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