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Thread: How to Post Pictures

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    Actually that was not a joke. That story was related to me by Perry's son William years ago and Bill said that his father told him that he was traded to B&S along with the A. O. Smith Motor Wheel for for the largest lathe in Wisconsin. I think B&S got the better deal. Bill said that his dad did not tell him about his early motorcycle career until he was almost on his death bed. Bill said that he felt kind of sad that he knows so little about his dad's early years. Bill was quite surprised when I told him about his dad's first marriage in 1899. Unknown to me at the time Bill never new his father was married three times.


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    Re: How to Post Pictures

    I knew you were going to be a great addition to this forum Dick. I guess the path of the historian is unwavering, but it must have been tough to tell P.E. Mack's son such revelations about his Dad. At the end of the day, people are still people and we haven't changed much since historians first started recording our lives.

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    Re: How to Post Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by tomcat1 View Post
    I finally figured out how to post pictures from other web sites. When I tried to post it before, it would say the image was always too large. but now if I un check "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" it will post them now.
    Many thousand thanks for this - your post saved my computer from certain destruction!
    "The most beautiful objects are those built for purpose. Few things are more thrilling than the unrestrained use of tools most have mistaken for luxuries" -unknown

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    I cannot see "Albums" in this forum. Seems to be hidden. Is there a way to start your own album? Read the method useing Photo Bucket but dont want to go that far, it is hairy as hell to me. Dont want to sign in to that , too complex for this brain, cant we just simply submit a photo out of my computer like it is available on Yahoo Groups?...Joe

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    Re: How to Post Pictures

    Despite what others have said in this thread, you don't need to use Photobucket or any other online picture hosting site. It's not a simple process, by any means, but I have figured out how to upload images directly from my computer so that they appear inline in my post.

    To repeat, the process isn't simple, but neither is attaching pictures inline when you copy them from an image-hosting site like PhotoBucket. BTW, posting images on the caimag site is by far the most complicated of all of the sites I regularly post in.

    Here's how to do it:
    1. Click Go Advanced at the lower right of the Quick Reply window, which changes the pane title to Your Message.
    2. Scroll down to the Additional Options window, to the Attachments section.
    3. Click Manage Attachments, which opens a new window titled "Manage Attachments - Classic Harley Motorcycle, Classic American Iron - Internet Explorer". (If you use a different browser, it won't say Internet Explorer.)
    4. In the File Upload Manager section, click the red button, Add Files, which opens a new pane, Upload Files from your Computer | Website. By default, uploading from your computer is selected, which is what you want.
    5. Click the red button, Select Files. This opens a Windows Explorer control that you can use to navigate to the computer folder where your picture is. (Note: You have to know where your pictures are, and how to navigate to them.)
    6. When you have selected a picture, click the red button, Upload Files. If the upload is successful you will see a new icon in the Attachments section of File Upload Manager. The upload won't succeed if the file you are attempting to upload is too large (over about 75 KB in size).
    7. Click Insert Inline(1). The "1" means you are inserting one image. If you are uploading more than one file, you will see that number in parentheses. You should see something that looks like [ATTACH ]21152[/ATTACH] in your post.
    8. You're not done yet, as the image itself isn't inserted -- just a link to it.
    9. Click Preview Post at the lower right of the Your Message pane (the part that you type your message in). You'll see the link to your image in red letters, something like MyPhoto.jpg.
    10. On the right-click menu for the link, select Copy shortcut.
    11. Again using the right-click menu, click Paste to paste the link where you want it to go in your text.
    12. Put an [IMG] tag at the front of the URL, and an [/IMG] tag at the end.
    13. Done!

    The picture here is my '46 WL, taken right after I bought it in 2009. I used the process described above to do this. Note that I use Internet Explorer, so if you use Google Chrome or Safari or some other browser, some of the pane or window titles might be a little different.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Mate it is 2017 ... everything else in 2017 just uses direct feeds with 2 meg and more no problem ?????

    I even just went to simply upload an avatar, but no luck there either ...

    I find it really is all too hard to go through all this when I just want to do a quick upload of a "photo" and been working on the bike most of the day .. Cheers

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    I will add my two cents to the criticism of the picture posting policy...I wasted 2 hours of my life that I will never get back trying to get my pictures into a format the site would accept. Almost didn't complete the introduction...I wonder how many people don't.


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    I wasted a good part of the last three days trying to post a few pictures of mine and some of my friends bikes from the 80s but could not make it happen. I used to post pictures all the time on car forums but this one has beaten me. I tried posting from my IPad but the pictures are way too big and I can’t seem to change them. Then I copied the pictures with my camera on lowest resolution and fed them into my laptop. Now it doesnt tell me they are too big and although I followed Mark44 it would crap out at step 6. Then I tried getting signed into photobucket again which just totally confused me and made me feel like I signed my life away for a few pictures.
    So now I guess I give up and this forum site will have to be text only. Maybe I can get somebody’s address and send them my pictures on a cd and they can post them

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