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    Hey, I resemble that remark!

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    Uncle d here just wanted to say hello and welcome you as a new member to this site, from one new member to another. Now are you the same mr. Big who turn me onto to the flip side of this site, site for the more later models of harleys if you are that mr big . Thank you very much and if you know some other sites that might be of interest send them my way. If you dont then that is ok too, what type of bike do you have at the time. Hope to hear from you again, so by for now & keep the shinny side up. From uncle d

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaner View Post
    If I could as lucky as what happened in the story....I'd go play the lotto.
    You referring to, shaner? Yeah, well, that doesn't happen often in one's life. (tho there was a 35 RLD Harley 45 a few years later...) And it happens less and less anymore, I guess, with the really old ones having been ferreted out already. The bikes in the barns seem to follow a pattern: about 25 or 35 years old; making most bikes found now worked-over circa 1980 Japanesers, I guess.
    I'm still amazed at what the folks on here come up with on occasion. Good luck!
    Sarge, Gerry Lyons, Fla.
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    "It's a 1937, and the downside is, it's out of warranty"

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