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Thread: Bigincher's 1977 Stroker Shovel

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    Re: Bigincher's 1977 Stroker Shovel

    While I was at a bike show a few weeks ago w/my '42U, I walked back over to where my bike was displayed and had an older gent nudge me and say, "What fool would do this to a bike like that?". Then continued to go off on the idea of anyone so stupid to make a mockery of a HD flathead. He was plain angry so I just nodded and walked away. The only thing on the entire bike that is remotely close to a '42U are the engine cases. I ran into the guy later at the area that had tables and food. I asked him if I could sit at his table and eat my sandwich. He said sure. After I sat down, I told him that the flathead was mine and that there was nothing about it remotely close to a '42HD flathead but the engine cases and he said that if it were his, he would have built it from the cases back original '42U. I finished my sandwich and wished him a nice day. That bike was built from a collection of leftover parts that did not have any meaning to anyone. I am a tad like Bigincher. I am 58 years old and ain't nobody gonna tell me what to do w/my bikes. Seadub

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    Re: Bigincher's 1977 Stroker Shovel

    Only "a tad"....?
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    Re: Bigincher's 1977 Stroker Shovel

    :-) Seadub

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