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Thread: Hand shift gas tanks

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    Hand shift gas tanks

    Is there anyway to find out the number of tanks made with hand shifts after 1953? Mine are 1957 just wondering how rare they are.

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    Re: Hand shift gas tanks

    The short answer is no, no way to find out. To embellish that a little, some of the years the factory shows how many foot shift and hand shift models they made, but not all years. There is also no way to take into account the number made for replacement parts. And as in the case of your '57, they were not unique to that year but fit '58 as well. And why after '53? The foot shift became available in '52 and both types were available from that year on. So any attempt to determine the total number is merely a guess. H-D kept no records of how many of a particular part they made, or at least they did not SAVE those records!

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    Re: Hand shift gas tanks

    I know that foot shift came out in 1952 and you could order hand shift.i just thought that as people adapted to the foot shift , harley would slow down production on the hand shift. When you see tanks for sale you see very few with tank shift after 1952.

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    Re: Hand shift gas tanks

    Published factory numbers show 1,743 Big Twin hand shifters in 1957 VS 3,873 Big Twin foot shift units.
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