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Thread: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

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    Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    The purpose of this is to provide the procedures I followed to get my shut-off rod properly aligned to my fuel tank on my 49 EL project. Let me first say "thanks" to Plumber. I did a search on the CAIM forum and there was a cross reference to the this procedure on the Hydra-Glide forum where he provided the same basic steps that are included here. So, while this may be a repeat for many, I have to say that without his written steps and pics there is no way in hell I would have figured out how to do it. (Plumber some of what I say is repetitive/the same as/to your wording. I mean no disrespect and if, for some reason, you object I will change the words around somehow so that it is not the same.)

    When I went to fit the fuel tank shut off rod assembly, I could only get about three half-turns before the rod started binding. Out of the tank I got about six half-turns before the rod was fully seated. Additionally the threaded portion on the bottom of the tank for the valve assembly looked like someone had drug it through a gravel pit.

    Here are the components I used:

    1 - 3/4"-18 special thread high-speed steel hand tap, H3 pitch diameter, 4 flute, plug ordered from McMaster Carr, part #2595A362, $44.03

    1 - Gas valve shut-off tool for 1940-1965 models ordered from J&P Cycles, part #720-090, $152.99.

    Initially I was going "big ouch" at the cost and initially delayed getting these parts. The justification for me is that I have three other sets of OEM tanks that will also get the treatment. (My 65 tanks have needed realignment since spring.)

    Next I went looking in my 1948-1957 service manual and could find zip on the procedure, or maybe I just keep missing where it is located. Next went to my 1958-1969 manual and found the procedure on page 3F-26. Below are the steps provided:

    Aligning Fuel Shut-Off Valve Fittings

    When a left hand tank has been repaired the fuel shut-off valve should be realigned using the Gas Shut-Off Valve Tool # 96365-42. The tool aligns top and bottom holes and correctly spaces them so the fuel shut-off rod operates without bonding.

    The tool consists of four parts: aligning bar, T handle, spacing handle and stop sleeve.

    Use the tool as follows:

    Remove the left tank from motorcycle and disassemble all fuel fittings. Shift spacing handle in aligning bar so larger portion marked "aligning" is through hole. Turn alignment bar into bottom hole in tank and bend bottom of tank as needed to make the bar line up with the hole in the tank. Insert T-handle and fitting through top of tank and turn in part way.

    Back out aligning bar until spacing handle may be shifted to portion marked "spacing". Turn aligning bar and spacing handle into each other until they are tight. Strike T-handle several sharp blows to square tank fitting.

    Remove tool and assemble valve rod and tank fittings.

    So I get my parts and try to figure what to do from reading the manual and get absolutely nowhere as far as fixing the problem. Biggest issue is that the parts from J&P have no markings on them. That is when I did the search and came up with Plumbers directions and pics on the Hydra-Glide forum.

    Here is a pic of the parts and pieces I got from J&P:

    You will notice that there are 5 parts (going from top to bottom)

    1. T-handle that inserted into the bar (pictured below it).

    2. Alignment bar

    3. T-handle used in conjunction with sleeve that goes fits over the threaded hole on the top of the tank (#5)

    4. Spacing sleeve (Note: spacing sleeve fits on the bar from the tapered- threaded- end. It will not fit over the knurled end.)

    5. Stop sleeve (Note: this sleeve was actually 2 parts. One was the sleeve and the other was the threaded end you see sticking out of the bottom. There is an alignment hole that goes through the sleeve and the end of the long head of the screw and is kept in place by a 1/8-1" roll pin. (My order from J&P did not include the roll pin but the local hardware store carried it so problem solved.)

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    This sleeve fits over the top of the tank during final fitment

    This threaded sleeve will ultimately be inserted into the tapered end of the alignment bar

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Before beginning I cleaned up the threads at the bottom of the hole with the 3/4-18 tap

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Now down to the business of tank and rod alignment.

    Following Plumber's pic and instruction I inserted the alignment bar into the bottom of the tank (spacer already on the bar of course) and positioned the spacer against the collar. Do not pay attention to the "through hole" on the spacer. (That will be used later.)
    For now the T-Handle goes through the alignment bar only.

    Whichever direction the bar end points indicates how far off the top of the bar will be in alignment with the top tank hole.

    At the top right corner of the pic you can get a glimpse of the T-handle. This gives you an indication of which way the bottom must be adjusted for proper alignment.

    The cross bar allows for a decent amount of leverage. Took a couple of attempts (including one where I went too far and had to bring it back before I got a proper fitment) to get it to the point where the threaded pilot would go into the threaded portion of the alignment bar without any binding.

    Proper alignment means the threaded end of the top sleeve can be turned into the alignment bar and bottomed out by hand.

    Once you have reached this point, back out the alignment bar and let the collar move so you can slide the cross bar through the spacer sleeve and the hole in the alignment bar. (I backed out the threaded portion from the top first; probably not necessary so long as you do not let that sleeve turn and tighten against the top of the tank.)

    Turn the alignment bar in again until the spacer is seated against the collar. Turn the top sleeve until it bottoms out as well. Tighten the two ends against one another using the T-handles.

    The finish step is to give the assembly a rap (or two for good measure) with your official MoCo mallet or brass hammer.

    I test fitted the assembly and I cannot believe how easily the assembly works. Got the full turns needed to properly seat the components as well.

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Nice work Panz. Great pics and great info.

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Great photos and instructions. After reading through the post I sincerely hope mine keeps working well.


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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Excellent posting !! We need more instructional posts like this. I put up a wla trans build topic over at FHP. People enjoyed it and many got the jist of how it is done. My hope was to spawn more related topics, say on the engine, fenders, frame repairs, etc.. Hasn't worked out that why yet though. Paps / Pa

  8. Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Great post, what they said!...Bones
    '46 Chief
    '47 FL

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Is the 3/4-18 tap the same on the "45" tank?

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    Re: Fuel Shut-Off Rod and Tank Alignment

    Thread size is the same... 3/4-18. McMaster-Carr is the only place i was able to find it. I use Enco for mail order but no go there. Neither did the local hardware store. Guess maybe it is considered and odd size.
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