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Thread: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

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    Smile Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    I like to tap the front brake slightly on my other motorcycles to warn drivers behind me I'm slowing down, to let people know they're too close, etc. Obviously the '50 FL doesn't have a front brake light switch. I'm thinking of putting a horn button on the right handlebar and use it for a brake light switch to allow me to do the same on the '50 FL. Has anyone else done this and, if so, what switch or arrangement did you use? I haven't found anything commercially available at this point.

    My system is converted to 12VDC. What replacement bulb would be available to allow the old girl to have a brighter tail light and stop light?



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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    Google "led taillight bulbs," Bart. Since you're already 12 volts, there's a world of um out there that drop right in place of the 1157 bulb, or whatever you're using.

    I've seen lots of clever front brake light switch installations. That's kind of up to your imagination. Can be as simple as a tiny, late-model mechanical switch epoxied on the bottom of your existing front brake lever mounting. As long as it can open and shut. Neither side grounds. It's a hot wire and a wire to at least the output side of your existing brake light sw. Good luck!
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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    Why not use a 1969-'71 style front brake lever and bracket? It has a brake light switch in it.
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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    I was going to suggest what Chris suggested. Paps

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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    My take is, if you have a drum up front, you want to use the rear brake also, any time you use the front. SO just tap the rear brake pedal instead of tapping the front brake lever.

    Much easier.....

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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    Both brakes should always be used in unison.First rule for riding! Retraining for you!

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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    Ya' know, I just reread the beginning of this thread, and teh OP said he liked to tap the front brake when slowing down(not necessarily braking).

    I know I sometimes slow down by using the throttle.

    My advice is the same though-just tap the rear brake instead of the front, to warn others.

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    Re: Stop Light Switch for Front Brake

    Thanks for all of the input. All good advice.


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