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Thread: 48 Speedometer Repair shops

  1. 48 Speedometer Repair shops

    I picked up a nice original speedo for a 49-52. It has never been opened and has a nice patina. It looks like the inner area (where the hash marks are) is lose and could use some love. Also the red needle has fallen off. I want to get it in working order, but keep it cosmetically original. I talked to one shop,
    Scott Speedometer. They quoted around $500. Does anyone reccomend anyone else that can do a nice rebuild of the mechanical parts? Or is Scotts Speedo the place to go?

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    Re: 48 Speedometer Repair shops

    John Bordas in Colorado.

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    Re: 48 Speedometer Repair shops

    I have seen John's work. He is number one!
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    Yes I have heard the same. I called a few times but I always seem to miss him. I will try tomorrow again.
    Thanks Gentlemen!

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    Re: 48 Speedometer Repair shops

    Send an email to Perry Ruiter, in Canada: [email protected]
    Excellent restoration work. Good communications.
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